Some questions regarding pvp weapon/gear

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    • Some questions regarding pvp weapon/gear

      Hi, Few questions :

      1. Is it worth enchanting your offhand weapon first or leave it till the end ? because before enchanting offhand pistol wasn't very worth it but right now it gives pvp stats right so just wondering. We would have to enchant the offhand to ultimate anyway in the future but yea, just wondering if its worth to enchant right away or leave it 0 for some time and foccus on other parts :)
      2. Im guessing pvp + pvp doesn't stack anymore so where do we get the best pve cannon for fuse? is it prometuns workshop ?
      3. Should I foccus enchanting my cannon + 2 pistols first before the courage gear from garrison ? or how does it work out. Which part did you guys enchant first ?

      Thanks in advance.
    • IMO you should go for: cannon > wings > pistol main > neck > earrings > helmet > rings > sash > bracelet > feather and then thinking about armor.
      Of course that if you go for the best gear you need to enchant x2 cannons and x2 pistols if u want to get ultimate gear :) enchanting them though(the ultimate ones), only 1 of each is enough i guess, havn't been testing if offhand/combine will give you the enchanted pvp stats. GL
      easy mode - casual PvE hero