PVE ranks and future

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    • PVE ranks and future

      For a while i noticed that on the Find Group window under the Server-Wide tab, some people are asking for PVE Rank of players. This doesn't exist in-game but is on a website that gathers data using two third party apps, i remember that one of the apps Aion Rain Meter was against the TOS, my concern is, will this become a thing from now on in-game and players will be excluded from groups because they don't use this?
    • This may happen. People used it as an indicator. However, people will always use something to test if people are worth their time before inviting them into groups. Some are complete noobs themselves trying to be elitist. Ive seen party leaders ask for your total pve attack with 6.2, others want you to post your weapon. Pveranks is just one of many. In my experience pveranks was the most fair since it helped you measure peoples skill and not just see numbers like stats.