Narakalli last boss

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    • i like the fact that you need communication now to beat higher instances. It forces teamplay which you didnt need in past patches with few exeptions.

      If you remove this buff ppl will just solo/duo these instances and sell loot instead of building groups (me included)
    • What would be just awesome for me is too see instances with hard bosses and complex mechanics, but shorter.
      In narakkali it's super boring to run and free 10 npc's and waste time killing countless mobs just to get to the boss.
      Boss battles are always fun and I'd like to do only that.
      Quick 10-20 minutes max per instance, just to kill nasty bosses is what I like.
      I believe epic balaur boss battles is the best form of PVE.
    • Doombolt wrote:

      [...]Quick 10-20 minutes max per instance[...]
      I've finished nara with LFG in 20m :) how isn't that fast enough ? 1 guys clears 4th floor, 1 guy solo 2 bombs monsters (the elevator one and the one before 4th floor) and the rest clear 2nd floor and get the cave bomb and the next one.
      First phase done in ~10m.
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • iSTAN wrote:

      I've finished nara with LFG in 20m how isn't that fast enough ?
      Yeah but if it was only the boss battle it would have been much faster.
      The part where you need to go through all the countless mobs is boring.