Mechanic's of "Additional PvE/PvP Attack" on Fused Weapons in 6.0/6.2

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    • Mechanic's of "Additional PvE/PvP Attack" on Fused Weapons in 6.0/6.2

      Does the "Additional PvP Attack" or "Additional PvE Attack" stat on fused weapons stack or does it just apply the highest stat only?

      I mean, before 6.0/6.2 patch, if we fused two PvP weapons, then the highest of the PvP % bonus stat would be applied, but the additional boosts (from augmenting or conditioning) add-up from both the weapons.

      But if it just applies the highest stat, then would it be more viable to fuse PvP weapon with PvE weapon? (for a multi-use fused, since stat of the current best PvP and PvE is the same)

      And if that's possible, then would both the "Additional PvP/PvE Attack" stat get boosted when enchanting a PvP-PvE fused weapon?

      Also does re-rolling of stats (either using Kinah or Luna) work on bonus stats of a fused weapon?
    • they dont stack only one of them will work just dont know if the highest one or the top fuse but for sure only one works and enchanting gives only for the top one so if u use pvp with pve u will only get benefits on pvp during enchanting however the additional stats apply for both pve n pvp just enchanting only for top one
    • It doesn't take the highest one since if you try to fuse an already enchanted weapon below it will be as if that weapon is +0 (which means that pve/pvp attack will be "reseted" for that weapon when it's fused under something), when enchanting the fused weapon the one on top is the one whose pvp/pve attack will increase.

      Since that now pvp and pve weapons have same stats (even bonus stats are the same but not the fixed values the RNG ones, compare them in database) there isn't really an advantage like before where pve weapons gives better stats, seems that it doesn't matter what you put below in fusion.

      What you should look at are the bonus stats, the below weapon should have different bonus beneficial stats than the one above so that it would be optimized and not wasted. So before fusion maybe should we reroll the stats before, I don't know how reroll works for fused weapon, can you choose which top or bottom like for manastones ?

      No matter what's best, we will actually need a weapon for each (not one multipurpose weapon), one pve and one pvp, cause enchanting works on the top weapon when fused.