Custom Chain Skills

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    • I have no custom chain skills.
      Its best to experience the SM... different situation need another skill.
      But as a tip:

      Use Infernal Blight (goldstigma from solo tree) if its up. It lowers the stats from the target (normally pvp one or boss)

      After that start with something like erosion + other dots. Hold your Weaken Spirit + Elemental Smash on cd and use between sometimes vakuum Choke + the follow skill.
      If your mana gets low or you need HP: Use Backdraft. (Or if you know, in ~3sec will be dmg, start you cast + the HP needs time "to fly to you")

      And.... thats special.... if you get the daevanion skills everything changes :'D but till then you will know your class better and maybe know without help what you can do :)
      I'm a german YouTuber <3