6.2 GLAD - Balance - NEED PVP PATCH !!!!!!!!!!

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    • 6.2 GLAD - Balance - NEED PVP PATCH !!!!!!!!!!

      @Galeas @Sparx
      So how many players who play over few years with they class met any group with gladiator or sm in 6v6 pvp or open world and want to re roll to glad or quit any pvp at all bc right now this F***** Koreans, bunch of incompetent "developers" (that can copy from past developers katalams and black desert online) , gave GF this CRAP called 6.2 ( not full patch) where any glad starting with ancient armor pvp and legendary weapon can wipe party that do not poses those classes in legendary gear (exchange for our 25+ gear) alone THIS IS A JOKE, ITS NOT unbalance IT IS BROKEN, THIS IS NO PVP

      Vow of the Charge>Wild Leap > Mangling Cyclone 3x> any aoe and u kill almost any grope

      0.7 secend when he start this rotation.

      or u can be SM
      and fear all party every 45 second with a incresed duration like mobs !

      this F***** korean WH**** did it this changes for pupose not to make a "balance" but force use for reroll classes, same with bard in 4.8 F$#@$ them

      I DEMEND U write to this Korean B****** and tell them they are F***** C*** SUCKING M********** and that they have 1 weak to give u balance updeates (that they do have aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_-_Update_May_9th_2018) Becouse me and my firned and all who play any class other then: glad,chanter,sm WON'T waite 6 month till this F***** B****** kaindly give us patch.

      Thank you
      i dont blame you GF for this but this korean are B******

      p.s Im waiting for response (will we have any small patch till 6.5 or not if not i know i can take 6 moths brake) thanks.
    • XD first of all you need to be able to klick your buttons fast enough and have a decent ping, something 99% of this community wont be able to do. then you also need to have quite good gear + you need to get the skill. all things that a 0815 glad that rerolls to glad now will never have.
      yes the skill is pretty strong, but that's only because we lack crit in general and wont be reaching ultimate gear for quite a while. also it will get nerfed in the future so stop qqing.
      lets rather talk about how the new aoe recovery spell from chanter lets him heal more than a cleric, that shits balanced then or what?

      also the glad skill definitly has counterplay, the cd is 2 minutes, so after he used it you ll have to watch your cd's and see that in 2 minutes you either have an instant fear, insta blind, bind or root ready to fk up his day and make him loose 1 or 2 seconds of the 5 where he can crit. after that you can kite and cc him all day and he wont do much.
    • Click wrote:

      Glad on the bottom of the food chain for years, nobody says anything.
      Glad gets new crit berserk, community uproar.

      This is exactly the same thing I say since 6.2 hits
      The role of gladi was literally "meat shield" with some aoe in the middle.
      Now it is (finally) a real and decent melee fighter, give us some fun too :thumbup: