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    • I start Down Load Game today.
      i think to go Asmodian side.
      And i need some info.
      a) which server has recently opened or is popular.
      b)Some class is stronger and more friendly for new player. ( i Read for Spiritmaster Bard Chanter and Aetherteach is easy class for beginner)
      What class is good for solo and group pve . ? And later for pvp.
      c)whats class can Farm and make gold in game ?
      i play from greece And i have try MMORG game (l2 and wow )
    • Hello friend and welcome to Aion!
      I must commend you on your faction choice.
      As for your questions:
      a) Nergal is one of the two new servers that opened upon deploying the 6.2 patch (19 semptember) but population wise, Deyla is one of the most popular.
      Both are international servers.
      b) With patch 6.2 the classes have been re-balanced but it's debatable who's the strongest, and here I'm talking PvP.
      This video should help you picking your first class:
      (keep in mind it's more PvE related)
      For PvP, solo or group, a geared and skilled player wins.
      Just pick the class that best suits your playstyle and hone your skills, to overcome your enemies.
      If you want to avoid hard classes for PvP, you could avoid these classes:
      - assassin: hardest to master in PvP
      - sorcerer: not as hard as sin but it's hard nevertheless. One mistake and you're dead.
      - gladiator: hard 1v1, somewhat simpler in group PvP
      - ranger: hard versus melee classes. Make mistakes or be slow and you melt before them.
      From my point of view, the easiest classes (easier to master) in PvP are: bard, sm, AT and templar (alhough it may take time to properly master it)
      But, like I always say, pick the one that suits best your play-style. Only by doing that will you be able to have the patience and the determination to master it and have an awesome time.
      c) now? any class will do just fine
    • i start game and i make spirirmaster and bard. I lvl up 55 lvl .i like spiritmaster have pet nice dmg and dot. But i like and bard mana heal and nice dmg. I need help for what class in and game is good for pve solo and group. And for open map pvp.