Special maintenance: 04.10.2018

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    • Special maintenance: 04.10.2018

      This Thursday, October 4th, we will perform a special maintenance. Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CEST.

      • [Event] Fun in the new Region - still active until 10.10.2018
      • [Event] The Moon Festival - still active until 24.10.2018.
      • [Event] Birthday Party - still active until 03.10.2018
      • All Arena times for level 76-80 characters are now the same as the level below
      • Fix: Transformation contract cost in Gold Sand Shop fixed
      • Fix: Cuna Shop opening on Union Server fixed
      • Fix: Selling items via inventory gives more Kinah than a normal vendor
      [Transformation Contract]

      Many of you have shared your feedback with us regarding the in-game Transformation Contracts, that we took into consideration as all your feedback.
      Following this, from Thursday (after maintenance) we will make these contracts* available in new places (such as Prometun's Workshop, Narakkalli, Holy Tower and Makarna of Bitterness.) in order to improve your gaming experience on Aion.
      Furthermore, our plan is to distribute transformation contracts via different events and systems, but not all those are available yet. So please note that this new feature can be subject to changes or removal.

      We would like to thank you for your feedback and we wish you a pleasant game.

      *The Transformation Contract is the same that can be purchased in Gold Sand Shop: It gives you one contract for one random transformation. The item can be dropped once for the group after killing the final boss.

      Your Aion Team