Regarding special maintenance and contract drops

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    • Prior to the patch, using the merchant used to give more kinah than selling direct from inventory, so something is deffinitely glad they fixing it because on serverwide people have started stealing loot drops to steal and sell, rolling on stuff they can't wear, then leave party soon as they win.
    • The nerf is the nerf ... It should be expected from GF side. I was hoping that they have been changed after 5.x fiasco but... I was wrong.
      But still wondering why they are trying to kill the game ... I simply can't understand it ...
      There is no economy currently ... market is dead... and with that fix they nerf players weekly kinah income four times. Almost everything valuable is "cannot be traded" ...
    • Wait so the contract is not gonna be 1 per person?The group members must roll?That its like throwing dirt at our feedback.Moreover why u are touching the personal inventroy sell?Noone complained about it or EVEN referred to it as bug.But i forget something that helps the player for free u PEOPLE DOMINATE IT(Modify it).But luna that HELPS players not fixed. @Galeas gives us clarifications on the topics AND hopefully u will deliver better.

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    • Wait, the sell value of items through inventory is getting nerfed? If anything, the merchant value is what needs to be buffed. You realize it's 4 times difference, right?

      My money has been stale while doing GoK everyday etc and selling drops, because of the shards/transformation scrolls/potions etc upkeep that is required to play the game. The new player experience is already really bad because of the amount of things we're missing in this patch, this is only gonna completly ruin it even more. Why are you nerfing even more stuff?

      Hold off on changes like this for a few weels/months, when people actually start getting repeat armour (legendary) from instances and selling them, because then it won't make us have 0 kinah. You're only gonna piss players off even more before making them happy with the stuff that you have coming regarding hero trials etc. It's better to give us the good stuff first and then give us the nerf bat on some things because then it will be bearable; if you nerf everything first people will just leave and then it'll be harder for them to come back even if you implement some good stuff.

      @Sita @Galeas Hello? You're still in time to scratch this from the patch and do it in a few weeks/months if you really need to.
    • @Galeas It must be some kind of joke. So instead of helping players you are just nerfing the only source of getting kinah (even when it isnt that much at all) but the funny part is that bugs that we've already reported many times didnt get a fix but kinah vendor is going to be nerfed, GOOD JOKE GAMEFORGE.

      Moreover, that solution for transformation contracts is even a bigger joke since 1 scroll that must be roll between 6 ppl is like getting nothing OMEGALUL. I dont know what else to say, really getting disappointed over and over and killing my will to keep playing this game.
    • yes and those are the white contracts, which are even worse than one on shop that can give you an ancient with 0.0000001% chance lol. "The item can be dropped once for the group after killing the final boss." can mean a lot of things "can be" and not "will be" already is a red flag, as if it's for whole group to roll or one each, and making them loot only in pve instances no pvp content, and only the high end instances, which the last two might "require" having a healthy transformation. It's like they are scared of that item and it's too op to make it available, which is not... we will have lots of surprises after that maintenance, selling items gonna bug again maybe and we will be able to sell item for gold ingot instead of kinah :D . If they don't flip it, as in npc vendor it's worth more than via inventory, yea... everything in this patch now is soooo BALANCED Nic would be proud.
    • @Celes can you tell us if the kinah fix will bring up the kinah from normal npc to the one we currently get from inventory shop? because that would be the correct way to "fix" this. otherwise it will be extremly hard and ugly to make enough kinah with anything...