Regarding special maintenance and contract drops

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    • Rinnie wrote:

      PapaSchultz wrote:

      people stop the bs talks about Kaisinel potions/transformation
      att/cast speed IS caped @round 1/2 weapon att/cast speed
      speed IS caped at 12 (try with a ranger, they perma speed at 12 in mau form+ any potion)
      the only class that can benefit from it is the bard with attack and cast speed
      not sure if troll or just misinformed.kaisinel is the only thing in the game that can put you at 60% attack speed (below the before unbreakable 50% cap)
      which gives you 0.96 attack speed on greatswords and 1.12 on polearm
      ok my bad on attack speed.

      speed stays caped @ 12

    • This whole sutiation is just disguisting. The people making these decisions have no shame. Obvious pay to win aside, the rate of enchanting items (even at 1st yellow grade) is just ridiculous.
      I returned for the new patch after a few years and I really enjoyed the concent once again but this is very off-putting.
    • Smith wrote:

      Even with a cap in game window, there are hidden stats; so if u have more than 12.0 speed it will go faster even if dont show it in game.
      Same for attack and casting speed.

      that sounds like bs. maybe if you are slowed you will still be at the cap yes. but you wont magically break it
    • Erm asides of the cap speed discussion, as a Nergal Ely i have some other concerns with this kinah ''nerf''
      Siege to be exact.
      Siege weapons are 200k ish no? put on top the multi TP-ing.
      That's gonna be unaffordable for some I suspect, we were already struggling with sieges and this will definitely de-motivate the Elyos further...
      So yeah, time to start preparing for nice merges, 2 servers total sounds good guys!
    • I dont like the todays-so-called "fix"; I'm hoping that aion team consider increase selling price in game T_T because it it a tragedy right now...

      as someone already noticed on this forum - some players now will be roling on EVERY items from instances (last boss loot) to make some kinach and there will be no point used "serwer wide recruitment list"; .... as far as I observed until yesterday the main problem with going instancess as cross-serwer were new players whith do not know instances, but I think this problem would solving naturally (some of this people would like just learn about instancess and things would be better and better by some time passed) ...

      but now I am doubt that .... now I think that people will start act really mean and selfishy ... and it would be all GF team fault ....
    • Dear Gameforge,

      I know you dont really care much but you are really doing everthing you can to kill Aion in EU for good. Maybe the personal store was bugged, maybe the NPC shop is - I dont know, just look at this:

      As a player without any previous funds you have to do all GoK and Mirash you can to make money.

      Im bad at math but lets try:
      You have 4 Mirash (1 box) and 4 GoK (2 boxes) runs per week + daily GoK bonus. Dont know whats the entrance limitation for players without goldpack (I guess its even less).
      Thats 11 + 4 runs aka 26 boxes per week
      Box can contain a drop worth of 120 - 345k. The 345k is for wings which are kinda rare and afaik doesnt drop at Mirash
      So lets say the average box = 200k (and Im generous here because most drop is 120- 170k)
      26 * 200k = 5,2M per week
      Thats 740k daily! <- this is important

      Now lets look at players expenses:
      Transformation scroll = 34,5k per piece > I use like 30 of these every day (and I really try not to waste them too much), that means 1M per day only for this!
      Changing stigmas > a daily routine for a support char - another 200k +-
      Enchanting & rerolling stats > this is variable, still it can go to millions and Im only considering the ancient gear now
      Crafting > oh boy! I drown like 30M into this just to level up to 100, and you need it for fragments
      And there are other things that has been already mentioned like ports, shards, potions, minions upgrade, siege weapons, etc. not to mention the tranformation contract for 12M and gold bars...

      So basically as a casual player you cant even make enough kinah right now to play Aion in "adequate way".

    • I would like to add something important for me to above calculations!

      some people like me do not play 24h daily cause we WORK and have some real life... I usually during week I am doing GOK and do some run to Nara/Holy tower... nothing more cause of lack of time....
    • Celes wrote:

      Buburuza wrote:

      @Celes I like how GameForge fast react for "good bugs" and ignore "bad bugs" once again. Well done boys.
      I see you guys really like my quotation marks with "good" and "bad" bugs ( :rolleyes: ) , but my intention was to remind us all, that yes "kinah sell bug" regardless of being seem as beneficial or helpful , is still considered a bug and as a bug will be fixed.
      I understand, that in your opinion some beneficial bugs should have been left in game for longer time and others should be fixed first, but unfortunately these bugs are being reported and although I can't share info regarding how us or NCSoft are prioritizing the fixes, we try to resolve issues as soon as possible.
      It's your own choice of words, don't twist it. Quotation marks or not!

      Our feedback has always had little impact. Evidence can be seen again today with the gambling RNG boxes and spinning wheel, on which I already wrote a lengthy post about concerning how that specific promo reminded of online casinos and the negative impact on younger audience (but also adults!).

      This is not about bugs but us being slapped in the face. Gameforge does not care at all about customers, paying or not.
    • Celes wrote:

      Only info I can share atm is that the Garden (bonus) being available is reported to NCSoft and we hope to get a fix soon too.
      Then the Kinah you achieve simply decreases even more and even now people may have no idea how to pay their daily expenses or estate anymore. Worst case scenario leaves you with 1m from Garden and maybe 500.000 from Mirash in the future though you have to pay for re-identifications, upgrades, teleports, houses, potions, food and transformation scrolls (not even taking the transformation itself into account once a week).
      Gameforge is pretty keen on removing bugs that may benefit the players in their opinion while we still wait for the fix of Vova Coins, Luna etc. Certainly I can understand that you're depending on NCSoft, but where's the common sense regarding the inventory shop fix? Can you tell us how to pay for our daily stuff if we gain no kinah and people pay less and less or even stop buying anything entirely because they gain near to nothing while even more ways to gain some kinah are removed on the way?

      Self-sufficiency has its limits in Aion. I don't see the company of Gameforge acknowledging this yet. ^^
    • Celes wrote:

      NoaimDeyla wrote:

      @Galeas can you please clarify whether or not the contract will be lootable for every party member or people will have to roll?
      The contracts are lootable only once per party, not per party member.

      Kebap wrote:

      NoaimDeyla wrote:

      @Galeas can you please clarify whether or not the contract will be lootable for every party member or people will have to roll?
      and its 100% drop per boss kill or APES rng?
      As per info in the announcement: contracts can drop (not, that they "will drop") in the final boss loot.

      Livo wrote:

      Celes wrote:

      • Fix: Selling items via inventory gives more Kinah than a normal vendor

      Does it mean that we are going to sell item via inventory for the same amount of Kinah as in normal vendor?
      The fix for the Kinah price selling via inventory vs NPC was considered a bug. It was not planned and it's not a feature, which "we nerfed because it was too good". It was a bug, which got fixed. Also there is the same settings in Korean version.
      I understand that it was beneficial, but "good bugs" are bugs too and if they are not intended (otherwise they wouldn't be considered as a bug right?) then they will be fixed same as "bad bugs"
      we just asked live at stream to korean guy to show value of vendor prices.So how this was bug and koreans got it fixed also?

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    • Celes wrote:

      The contracts are lootable only once per party, not per party member
      oh I see..
      in random groups, loot scam will be a thing again, like in 5.8 with APES.

      And that feeling is winter depression.