returning player questions. feel free to move post if this isnt ok

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    • returning player questions. feel free to move post if this isnt ok

      hi new 'old' aion player here. i want to try the new patch,on a fresh account since i lost mine.
      wanted to start in delya server and i have a couple of questions.
      hows faction balance? wanted to go elyos,is it fine?
      regarding classes,i like to support people and get into groups,should i pick cleric or bard in this patch?

      and last question,since i heard leveling is really easy now,and you get to end game instantly...i would like to know from a veteran player maybe,whats the optimal 'daily route' once i get to level 80..
      like,you should do this daily quest rotation everyday,farm this everyday,do this istance everyday,ecc.

      i remember it was very important not skipping daily things so i would like some help on the subject since i know NOTHING about new patch.

      thanks in advance!
    • Chose faction that you like:

      Level up

      Get friends to do premades with that does not annoy you.

      Once you succeeded this, your gaming with "player community" will be enjoyable. Too much randoms that doesn't care that you have to carry them around like a wet sack of carrots.

      If you can't find friends to play with, then I suggest giving up this game. Because going with randoms all the time will drive you nuts.
    • Hey miniblo and welcome back to Aion!
      Deyla is one of the most populated servers (international) and faction balance, like always favors the elyos.
      Levelling is very easy. Most of the low level instances became solo instances and you'll be able to reach max level only by doing yellow and blue quests. Do that and you'll be max lvl fast.
      As for class choice, get something that fits your playstyle.
      There are plenty of each class in the game and a specific role ain't exactly needed.
      If you're good with the class you play and have good gear, you'll always be invited in groups.

      As for new patch, there were way too many changes so I won't stay here and make a list.
      Just give it time and you'll learn what you need to know.