[Event Guide] Snow Crystal Event (Solorius 2014)

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  • [Event Guide] Snow Crystal Event (Solorius 2014)

    It's snowing in Atreia! Yet these Snowflakes aren't merely frozen water. They're true gifts from the heavens and grant you precious items.
    Visit Snorinerk by the Solorius tree in the capitals, she'll give you two Snowflakes per day.

    Double-click the Snowflake in your inventory. It will either increase by one to three levels, or it will be destroyed. In the case of the latter you'll receive a Crystal of Chance (see below), as well as additional items such as ancient coins, depending on the level – the higher the level of the Snowflake, the more valuable the rewards.

    If your Snowflake reaches the maximum level 10, clicking the Snowflake one last time will transform it into a Snow Crystal and an Aura Fragment. There is also a chance of receiving a Snow Crystal from level 4 – either when the Snowflake is destroyed, or as a by-product when levelling up.
    Combine the Snow Crystal and Aura Fragment together and you'll receive a Prisma – an extraordinary bundle that conceals a particularly valuable item, such as a Dragon Lord's Weapon Box, a Fabled Godstone Bundle or a Large Box of 100% Manastone Socketing Aids.

    Crystals of Chance which you receive from destroyed Snowflakes can be brought to Snorunerk until the 7th January. For every 10 crystals you'll get a further Snowflake.

    Alternatively you can also loot Snowflakes from instance bosses, and just like the Aura Fragments they'll be available in the AION shop starting the 11th December.

    Period: 10th to 31st December
    NPC: Snorinerk, Snorunerk
    Location: Sanctum, Pandaemonium (by the big Solorius tree)

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    -> Snowflakes - How do they work?
    -> Bundles and Components
    -> Prisma Rewards
  • What are Snowflakes and how to obtain them?

    Snowflakes are the main items in this event.
    They can be obtained by running instances and killing bosses or finishing the daily quests Snorinerks offers in your main city.

    What can I do with Snowflakes?

    Appearance changes when enhancing

    Snowflakes can be “enhanced” by simply clicking on them and upgrading a single Snowflake up to +10. Every new Snowflake received starts at +1. However, there is a possibility the Snowflake will break during the enhancement process.

    When you break your Snowflake, there is a chance to receive following items and components depending on the enhancement level:
    • Crystal of Chance
    • [Event] Snow Crystal
    • Bundle of Opportunity (only contained in Snowflake +6, +7)
    • Bundle of Missed Opportunity (only contained in Snowflake +8)
    • Bundle of Promising Opportunity (only contained in Snowflake +9)
    • Aura Fragment (only contained in Snowflake +10)
    When a snowflake reaches +10, it can no longer be enhanced and will automatically break when using it. Upon opening a Snowflake +10, you will receive a guaranteed Aura Fragment and a guaranteed Snow Crystal.
  • Opportunity bundles

    Bundles of Opportunity as well as Bundles of Missed Opportunity and Promising Opportunity can contain following items:

    Bundles of Opportunity
    • Crystals of Chance
    • Ancient Coints
    Bundles of Missed Opportunity
    • Crystals of Chance
    • Ancient Coins
    • [Event] Box for the Keys to the Defence Corps’ Treasure Coffers
    Bundles of Promising Opportunity
    • Crystals of Chance
    • Ancient Coins
    • [Event] Box for the Keys to the Defence Corps Treasure Coffers
    • Large Box of 100% Manastone socketing aids
    • Scroll of Weapon Re-identification (mythical)
    • Bundle of Fabled Godstones

    Crystal of Chance

    Crystals of Chance can be used for a repeatable quest in your respective main city. Speak to Snorunerk to receive the quest and collect 10 Crystals of Chances to receive another Snowflake.

    Aura Fragments & Snow Crystals
    These items are components. Aura Fragments are available when opening a Snowflake +10 version or buying them in our shop.

    You can combine Aura Fragments and [Event] Snow Crystals to receive a [Event] Prisma.
    This Prisma can be opened to receive valuable rewards which will be enlisted below.
  • Prisma rewards

    When opening a Prisma, you have a chance on following items:
    • Bundle of Gleaming Regenerating Manastones
    • Bundle of Fabled Godstones
    • Scroll of Weapon Re-identification (mythical)
    • Large Box of 100% Manastone socketing aids
    • Bundle with the Weapon Fragment of Magic Power
    • Dragon Lord’s Weapon Box
    • Hyperion Chest with Wings
    • Mythic Class Hyperion Armour Chest
    • Mythic Class Hyperion Weapon Chest
  • On request, here is a list of bosses and treasure chests dropping/containing the Snowflake:
    • Treasurer Manonasa (Asteria Chamber)
    • Relic Protector Kael (Chamber of Roah)
    • Ebonlord Arknamium (Krotan Chamber)
    • Ebonlord Vershinak (Miren Chamber)
    • Ebonlord Nukuam (Kysis Chamber)
    • Brigade General Anuhart (Dark Poeta)
    • Warden Surama (Esoterrace)
    • Celestius (Taloc's Cave)
    • Abyssal Treasure Box (Abyssal Splinter)
    • Stormwing (Beschmundir Temple)
    • Muzzled Punisher (Satra Treasure Hoard)
    • Punisher Unleashed (Satra Treasure Hoard)
    • Raksha (Raksang)
    • Raksha Boilheart (Raksang)
    • Tuali (Elementis Forest)
    • Zadra Spellweaver (Argent Manor)
    • Empress Muada (Muada's Trencher)
    • Brigade General Vasharti (Rentus Base)
    • Treasure Chest in Tiamat's Fortress and Tiamat's Hideout
    • Treasure Chest in Shattered Abyssal Splinter
    • Furious Grendal the Witch (Runadium)
    • Hyperion (Katalamize)
    • Staff Commander Moriata (Sauro War Depot)
    • Treasure Chest of the Steel Wall Bastion (all ranks)
    • Artillery (Jormungands Bridge)
    • Supreme Healer Tagnu (Refuge of the Rune Tribe)
    • Maintenance Officer Notakiki (Steelrose)
    • Kanerunerk the Accountant (Steelrose)
    • Captain Rumakiki (Steelrose)