Today's Kinah changes officially killed F2P (maths included)

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  • Hizamaruu wrote:

    Nuke wrote:

    In short, you can now play Aion up to ascension quest as F2P
    Aion Free to Tutorial
    that was before 6.2 ,if u didnt bought a gold pack . Now its a demo .

    Funnily enough, the most optimal way of being able to afford a goldpack is currently to level an Elyos on Nergal.

    Don't level your inventory size, reach around level 75, use the money you got from quests and buy a gpack from the market (9mil gpacks, questing to 80 gives you around 12mil total).

    Delete the character, repeat. Each goldpack will take roughly 8hrs to farm. This grants goldpack status on any other server and will save you a ton of time/Kinah on your main server.

    Watch this get nerfed within a week or Nergal-Elyos goldpacks skyrocket to 20mil.
  • This patch was looking good but it struggles with few things. It's really hard to get kinah on new servers, especially after the new change. On new servers no one has kinah and no one can afford lots of consumables or broker items. There's not enough kinah coming to the server unless ppl buy kinah from aion shop and it starts to slowly move from player to player. I highly doubt that happens anytime soon though. On new servers you can barely afford using transformations (even if you have one, most doesn't) while doing pve or pvp which makes everything so slow and not fun anymore. Gear differences to old servers is ridiculous and old servers have better economy and they can gear up faster. Now with kaisinel pots in shop, it gets even worse. Everyone knew it wasn't such a good idea to play on the new servers but after the last maintenance, the new servers are just horrible and wouldn't recommend it to anyone anymore.

    Old servers are a bit better since you can sell craft materials on the broker and ppl can afford buying them for good price. In time though, these items will drop in price and incomes get a lot smaller. PvPing is too expensive and it's really demotivating to even play to be honest. The transformation change could've been nice if the best forms would have been very limited and basic ones would be affordable like scrolls were before. This patch is not gonna work like this since the whole patch was aimed for old ppl to come back. It is really hard for ppl to come back when gear differences increases and everything is really expensive. This is probably a turning point where ppl lose their interest to the game and give up on the grinding.
  • Kegi wrote:

    Old servers are a bit better since you can sell craft materials on the broker and ppl can afford buying them for good price.

    Yes and no at the same time. As explained in the edit, this is the case until people with "old" Kinah run out of basically unlimited funds. When those funds get burned on overvalued malleability stones, people will realize the real gate is how much Kinah can be made from selling FFA items from instances.

    Supply will go up, demand will remain roughly the same as current, and prices of Malleability stones will go down as low as them becoming "not worth grinding" anymore. Basically, once you'll be done with your weekly IDs, daily GoK and Genesis Weeklies, you don't need to play anymore because anything else will be a Kinah loss unless you Luna reset instances.
  • Basicly that kinah fix wasnt a fix but a nerf and its only here on Europe somoene already noticed the difference between here and Korea its so sad that gameforge changed something that it was intended to be like that calling it a "fix", its already hard to make kinah because lets be honest everything is really expensive, enchanting, re-rolling starts teleports broker fees and to gain kinah its a nightmare i honestly have no words this is the last blow after the kaisinel transformation potions on shop...
  • Nothing NEW that GF ruining the game as always......

    Soon in SHOP "Kina bundle for only 999 aion coins" "You want to play our F2P game? You really want to use teleports and other basic stuff? YOU NEED THIS !"...... you welcome GF you have FREE idea for boundle and description for it....

    Same story as 5.8.... 3 moths later .... no info no apes no nothing.....
  • @Galeas
    If you not return old prices people just start leave game, not hard calculate how much need kinah every day for shards, pots, scrols you cannt craft in you need buy it, and enchanting not free.

    And if you add Kinah to cash shop like RU and KOR we can leave game instantly coz it's end for motivation play.

    Now many people return to game, many not have stigmas, and how they can get stigma? Price for stigma 1-10kk kinah for each
    But drop from garden weekly = 2kk It's not enough for Potions! Ofcourse you can farm mobs for craft items and sell it, and play 20h per day but for what? In 6.2 zero good content only 24/7 enchanting...
    You think all people start donate and still play or just quit?

    PS: Too much donate for Free to play game, bad idea looking for RU and KOR regions, RU have 1 dead server and 1 main server with 400-500 ppl on prime for two side.
    Full donate for KOR player is normal but not for EU players.
  • The problem was manageable to a degree, it was hard but at least there was a value in going to PVE dungeons like GoK, now this greedy irrational nerf to the Kinah killed any desire for me to keep doing it when the rewards can't cover the necessity to complete my gear and craft or even buy any potions to sustain in PVP..!

    Gameforge can't even see that when the people respect a game they will put more money into it, I play Aion since 2009 and I left it before at 5.x for this greedy behavior, now when I came back I did support it with buying coins thinking it's a new start and we needed to show our appreciation, even if I was working hard to farm kinah, the game was still enjoyable, now I regret doing that because they just insult the players intelligence with their acts, now me and my friends are simply quitting it again, many others are doing the same.

    A fail company will always be like that!

    Good luck,
  • [NICK]devilx wrote:

    I came back I did support it with buying coins thinking it's a new start and we needed to show our appreciation, even if I was working hard to farm kinah, the game was still enjoyable, now I regret doing that because they just insult the players intelligence with their acts, now me and my friends are simply quitting it again, many others are doing the same.

    I'm in the same boat as you, for a reasonable amount.

    I will most likely get my money back if we don't see a prompt reaction to the mess today's patch created.
  • Returning player here, I was willing to buy some aion coins on the next happy hour because even if the patch is hard, punishing and unfair, I still enjoy the game and don't mind supporting the people behind it. After today's mess, I will use that money to get a lot of Chinese takeout and play until my kinah slowly but surely dwindle down to zero.

    @Galeas I understand that the game is what it is and you don't care about f2p anymore, but today's decision is driving away PAYING CUSTOMERS. does that sound like a good job in y'alls office?
  • We do NOT ask for free things,free kinah,free gear,just the chance to actually spend some hours in the game and feel that we are achieving something,even slowly...PLEASE,for the love of what you hold sacred and dear,GameForge,restore at least the item sell value that was before this patch..even that little income was a help and offset the daily expenses...

    I play since 2009 as well,little breaks now and then due to life's obligations,totally lost mood in 5.x and came back strong to play this patch and try has a lot of things i like and a lot i dislike...if nothing can be done to remove this cursed transformation system(i understand it's part of the game that NCSoft created),then at least let players have a little of income,to be able to pay their daily expenses...

    Do not put the final nail in the coffin of Aion EU with this..

    Thank you for taking the time to read.
  • Well, ofc in new servers will be a mess but it is also in old ones: imagine you work on pvp gear (the meta of aion should be pvp, not pve like someone is thinking, "right Lyah?") and then you need to face against p2w players with kaisinel pots that you can't get in game without shop. Those ppl won't need anymore trasformations (i heard someone is with 200+ kaisinel pots) meanwhile, if i don't want use the shop, i need to use 12kk per week for random trasformations and i can't make them easly coz the kinah nerf (+ i need 1,3kkx3 kinah for create ingots - 10 weeks for take a random daevanion skill book). tbh no one asked to gameforge to put those pots on shop, none asked to put kinah bundle in shop and none asked to fix that "kinah bug" when, in kr, they are selling stuffs at the price we were selling untill yesterday in inventory (check chovegeta on youtube). i heard ppl asked to FIX the bug in DIVINE siege coz we are getting gold medals instead 6.x rewards and still you are not fixing it. i heard ppl asked for HERO TRIAL quests and you put 6.x without put those. TBH i think u were expecting more ppl back in aion and you didn't get them so you are trying to "milk" the last p2w players before the end of the game. But 6.x could be fine. Do you know why you didn't get a lot of players coming back or starting to play aion? Coz you didn't make any advertising for this 6.x a part ask to 2-3 aion youtubers to post some videos (and aion youtubers are followed only by aion players that are a minority respect other games - check guild war / black desert / elder scroll / final fantasy etc / wow). From gameforge I didn't see anything on youtube, anything on steam, anything of fb. if you don't invest money for advertising you won't get ppl and, like you did, only old players came back and those players were already tired of your aion managing. idk, srs, you need a better manager and a better staff; you can't continue to base your incomings on "dubai people" when you could get a lot more from a higher quantity of players if you could just be more able to publicize / to manage this game. tbh, with this last things in shop, you will have servers empty (a part those dubai credit card heroes that will play alone). You had a Ferrari but you used it like a 500: you should think how others games, older than aion, are still having a lot of players meanwhile aion is empty and the community is mad.
  • this is enough

    as much as we understand your rage - yes us mods are playing too, we are volunteers that try to help having a constructrive atmosphere here - if you cannot keep it civilised we have to close this thread
    again: our job is NOT to defend Gameforge and NOT to defend you - it's moderating

    the OP has delivered a reasonable way of pointing out why things should be differently, and you are absolutely ruining it for him by starting again to bash around like no tomorrow

    I am sorry @KARMEK - I will make sure Galeas sees this thread when he is back on monday

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