Concerning Terrific Transformation Chest

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    • Concerning Terrific Transformation Chest

      Dear players,

      In order to give a better balance to the game, the probabilities for the “Terrific Transformation Chest” will be changed.
      Indeed, the chances for getting the ultimate transformation potion have been to high and the ancient transformation potion that should have also been part of the rewards was missing. This will be changed today and the shop will also be updated accordingly.

      Also, as the ultimate transformation potions are now in the game, we’d like to let everybody experience this item by giving out one ultimate transformation potion to every account for free in the shop.

      Concerning the fix we received from NCsoft about selling items for Kinah: We take your feedback into consideration on our team is already looking into this matter. We will keep you updated as soon as possible!

      We thank you for your understanding and we wish a nice weekend!
      Your AION team