The vendor prices we've always wanted

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  • The vendor prices we've always wanted

    With the special maintaininace - october 4, Gameforge have applied a “fix” to the disparity between inventory shop and NPC vendor items sales prices, essentially reducing them 4 times. Knowing that here’s some quick maths…

    Expenses calculations are performed for perceived average player assuming base item prices without influence and tax modifiers*:

    • active Goldpack status (weekly sales limit of 117M Kinah)
    • participation in all available content (4x Siege, 21x ADG, 7x RT, 2x Neviwind, 10x AoD, 10x AoC, 4x MR, 7x GoK (Bonus), 4x GoK, 4x HT, 4x Narakkali, 4x PS, 2x MoB, all Genesis Crystal weekly quests)
    • Power Shard, Food, Beverage, Potions and Transformation are used the entire duration
    • maximum count of group members for instanced dungeon entries
    *influence and tax modifiers increase base item purchase prices (making them even more expensive)

    Weekly minimum time required to complete all available activities (assuming everything is done efficiently without mistakes or interruptions):

    Siege, 4 times weekly4 (events) x 60 minutes240 minutes
    Ashunatal Dredgion, 3 times daily3 (entries) x 20 minutes x 7 (days)420 minutes
    Runatorium, 1 times daily1 (entry) x 11 minutes x 7 (days)77 minutes
    Neviwind, 2 times weekly2 (entries) x 20 minutes40 minutes
    Arena of Discipline, 10 times weekly10 (entries) x 10 minutes100 minutes
    Arena of Cooperation, 10 times weekly10 (entries) x 10 minutes100 minutes
    Mirash Refugee, 4 times weekly4 (entries) x 10 minutes40 minutes
    Garden of Knowledge (Bonus), 1 times daily7 (entries) x 10 minutes70 minutes
    Garden of Knowledge, 4 times weekly4 (entries) x 10 minutes40 minutes
    Holy Tower, 4 times weekly4 (entries) x 15 minutes60 minutes
    Narakkali, 4 times weekly4 (entries) x 40 minutes160 minutes
    Prometheon Workshop, 4 times weekly4 (entries) x 60 minutes240 minutes
    Makarna of Bitterness, 2 entries weekly2 (entries) x 50 minutes200 minutes
    Genesis Crystal weekly quests9 (Garrisons) x 2 (quests) x 5 minutes + 4 (weekly quets) x 3 (repeatable 3 times) x 10 minutes210 minutes

    Resulting in a grand total of 1897 minutes (31 hours 37 minutes).

    Cost of consumables used per minute calculation:

    Food 13,800 Kinah / 10 (minutes) + Beverage 13,800 Kinah / 10 (minutes) + Potions 16,000 (2 doses, 1 every 30 seconds) + Transformation scroll 27,600 Kinah / 10 (minutes) + Power shards 13,000 Kinah (assuming 1000 are used every minute) = 34,520 Kinah

    Therefore, the minimum amount of Kinah required to cover the costs of consumables for weekly activities is 1897 (minutes) x 34,520 (Kinah used per minute) which comes out to 65,484,440 Kinah.

    Apart from consumables the average player incurs further weekly expenses such as:

    • Transformation contract, 1 times weekly – 12,375,000 Kinah
    • Equipment tuning 16,000 Kinah (Ancient), 120,000 Kinah (Legendary), 560000 Kinah (Ultimate) and enchanting 16,000 Kinah (Ancient), 65,000 (Legendary) and 120,000 (Ultimate). For simplicity’s sake let’s assume the player in question already has starting equipment and manages to obtain one (1) Legendary equipment piece they intend to keep and use every week. Let’s also assume said legendary equipment piece requires identification to achieve a specific combination of 3 stats and that there are 10 available stats total. The total amount of combinations is 10! / 7! x 3!which is a 1 in 120 chance of getting the desired combination or on average 120 re-identifications required to achieve desired result. Also, let’s assume the player uses Legendary enchantment stones to enchant all the way up to +15. At this point I would like to point out that the chances of enchanting to +15 with 15 stones are 1 x 1 x 1 x 0.95 x 0.95 x 0.95 x 0.75 x 0.75 x 0.75 x0.55 x 0.55 x 0.55 x 0.55 x 0.55 x 0.55 x 1.1 which comes out to 0.0110134511077972412109375 or a whopping 1%. Regardless, let’s assume it would take 15 stones to enchant. The costs of finishing that item would be 120 (re-identifications) x 120,000 Kinah + 15 (enchantments) x 65,000 Kinah which is 15,375,000 Kinah.
    • Siege weapons, 4 (times weekly) x 172,000 Kinah (Superb siege weapon) – 688,000 Kinah
    • Soul sickness ~ 1,000,000 Kinah

    Bringing the total weekly expenses to a minimum of 94,922,440 Kinah.

    Profit calculations assuming all equipment drops are shared equally:

    Mirash Refugee4 (entries) x 1 Ancient item1 player4 Ancient items
    Garden of Knowledge with (Bonus)11(entries) x 2 Ancient items1player11 Ancient items
    Holy Tower4 (entries) x 2 Ancient items and 1 Legendary item6 players8/6 Ancient Items and 4/6 Legendary items
    Narakkali4 (entries) x 4 Ancient items and 1 Legendary item6 players16/6 Ancient items and 4/6 Legendary items
    Prometheon Workshop*4 (entries) x 4 Ancient items and 2 Legendary items6 players16/6 Ancient items and 8/6 Legendary items
    Makarna of Bitterness*2 (entries) x 6 Ancient items and 2 Legendary items12 players12/12 Ancient items and 8/12 Legendary items

    *Prometheon Workshop and Makarna of Bitterness also drop legendary items but have been omitted from the calculations since the chances of dropping are not guaranteed.

    Total per player:

    4 + 22 + 8/6 + 16/6 + 16/6 + 12/12 = 33.67 Ancient items and

    4/6 + 4/6 + 8/6 + 8/12 = 3.33 Legendary items

    The average price of an Ancient grade equipment item is (after october 4 changes) 276165 Kinah

    The average price of a Legendary grade equipment item is (after october 4 changes) 2761650 Kinah

    If the player were to sell all of those items they would be making 18,494,770 (33.67 x 276165 + 3.33 x 2761650) Kinah.

    Winning all 21 Ashunatal Dredgion, 7 Runatorium and 2 Neviwind runs would award the player 30 Archon Fighter Insignia which can be traded in 10 at a time with the corresponding quest for 1,000,000 Kinah for a total of 3,000,000 Kinah.

    Therefore, the total weekly gains are 21,494,770 Kinah.

    Hence, at the current rates (post october 4 changes), the average player incurs a weekly loss of 73,427,670 Kinah calculating all weekly expenses or 43,989,670 Kinah calculating only costs of consumables.

    Koru wrote:

    you forgot pots

    Kelekelio wrote:

    because checking the price multiplier for the gold sand npc is too hard.

    @Celes, @Galeas, @Sita

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  • We seem to have encountered negative Kinah here, and *gasp* you cannot even p2win them-for now there is no possible method to actually acquire the needed amount of Kinah.

    Also the prices for a GP for new players aren't even in the calculation, which means we're just cooking new Players here!
  • Trubbish wrote:

    Sheyran wrote:

    ou cannot even p2win them
    Actually, coincidentally since the special maintenance we now also have a wheel of fortune with a common reward of [Rune] Box of Kinah.

    Yes, I am fairly certain a Box with a what 0.x% chance to drop will eventually solve all the Severs Kinah problems and we will surely manage to acquire enough of those bundles, if we just sell our mothers and virgin sister for money try and are a bit lucky.
  • Trubbish wrote:

    Sheyran wrote:

    ou cannot even p2win them
    Actually, coincidentally since the special maintenance we now also have a wheel of fortune with a common reward of [Rune] Box of Kinah.

    What a shame, it has a presumely really low chance to drop AND you need 4+ Bundles to actually cover up all of your expenses. Oh well, let's hope Lady Luck is on our side!

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  • They said that 6,0 will not be a p2w game and that you can also grind and farm everything . The only thing i see so far is that is more p2w than before and more expensive than before. This "restart" on the kinah wasnt for balance , it was just to remove any privillage old players had and make them pay even more than before , with the new players as well . So with NO kinah to farm , with NO manastones to farm , with NO Honor Point to farm (so no ranks) and with no crafting in consumable (so you have to buy them) AGAIN the game will be dead soon . The only thing that was fixed with this patch is that they forced you to work in groups in order to farm and that you can do very little solo. But in general is way more hard than previous . And the chances for the enchantmend is a joke . (sorry for my English)
  • i would like to thank you for your job same as other who did 5h grade math and that u did job that Aion team is PAID FOR afther u did finish your own work/school/study and that you did it for free and u did it quit right when some incompetent person in aion team responsible for this and is PAID FOR IT did not do hes/hers JOB

    that person should be fired.
    thank you