Which class should i focus in 6.2.

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    • Which class should i focus in 6.2.

      Hey! I have cleric 80 lvl with gear and sm 80 lvl with gear and im doomed cause idk what should i focus. I KNOW THEIR ARE DIFFRENT SPECIES but i want to know your opinion and hows thr class gping through patch. Thanks! <3
    • Well, I did play a templar first, but after playing a while that character I decided to create a Aethertech class.

      I found Aethertech for example more fun as a magical class, since I could kill mobs with equal gear 3x times faster, if not even 4x. Not to mention, it felt like I could still tank better with AT than Templar in 6.2.

      So I have decided (for now) to focus on magic classes instead of the physicals. Because I enjoy doing big damages.

      But I am kinda intrigued to play cleric also, considering it is really wanted class and sometimes the only class that can get into instances even if they are not best geared. So cleric can be "Easy pass", not to mention I love the dispels, heals.

      But in overall:

      Either cleric or a magical class. This is my opinion.
    • Yea I can't decide. I played cleric 2 years and I loved it. But now after patch I feel meh a bit. And a SM is fun. But I;m so not decided like always :D So i try to get some advices for it :)