Accessories for cleric

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    • Accessories for cleric

      Hello there! I have a question. if it's worth to buy the accessories pvp one for cleric or just stick for the for example pve one with healing boost. Cause as i know on ultimate u will be able to to get healing boost on pvp genesis set of accessories. And now im confused.
    • As the pvp accessories and weapons also have pvp defense this patch, it'd say you should go for pvp accessories even for a defensive set. (Also go with pvp mace on defensive set because of aforementioned stat).
    • The new pvp and pve sets are identical, the only difference being the Additional Pv(P/E) Attack/Defence :)
      Note that for PvE u have only 1 set, and at ultimate u get all the stats rolling comparing to PvP where u have 2 sets, 1 with magic resist and evasion vs magical and physical defs :)
      What i mean is that for PvE u roll and get 4 stats out of 8 whilst on PvP u get 4 out of 6 due to 2 different sets :) GL
      easy mode - casual PvE hero