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    • Hey All,

      Main character: Konoyaro
      Server: Deyla
      Faction: Elyos
      Class: Chanter
      Orientation: PvP

      I'm a returning player, I started back in the NCSoft times in 1.9 on a private server, when I was a poor student and I couldn't afford the subscription. After a server wipe I lost everything I worked for, so I managed to spare some money to go on retail servers (basically asking my parents to help me out). I fell in love with Aion so much I was even playing during school classes, on my laptop. Whenever I had a single free minute I just logged in to Aion and had a good time. Back then I was playing gladiator, as a level 50 twink and did a lot of rifting. It's still makes me smile looking back the videos and screenshots I have from those times, I even got a lot of funny tales, but too long to detail here.

      Later on I rerolled as a chanter, and had a successful "career" on Spatalos. After years of hard working, I was literally unbeatable by any chanter from my faction in 1v1, only Gje from the opposite side was able to won against me. I was so proud on myself. However, when 4.0 hit the servers, I lost all the motivation to play the game further. Bull**** classes was introduced, like gunner, which was nearly unaffected by blind and silence, and had so high dps, nobody was able to do anything against that class. Godstones become so easily obtainable, literally everyone on the server ran around with paralyze godstones, dual wield classes like assassin's and gunners could abuse dual para like child's play.

      That's when I decided to quit the game. I was doing the daily quest, then suddenly out of nowhere a random low pvp geared assassin attacked me, had 3 (!) conclusive paralyze proc, and with 4 seconds difference, so I just stood there for 12 seconds and watched as some random nobody literally destroys me and there was nothing I could do. I felt this ridiculous, the game was no longer about skill but luck, I decided to quit.

      6.2 come around with big promises, removal of godstones, alot of good nerfs, a better enchantment system (before you start flame me, back in 3.9 enchanting was worse and cost you money), seem-to-be-good rebalancing, nullification of people's wealth, and removal of bs extra systems which only catered people who ran bots.

      I'm feeling good now, it's almost certain you'll get your gear sooner or later, and not based on luck, whether you get it from the boss or not. Currently on full yellow PvP gear, leveling up my staff first, then I move further with other gear parts.

      I already made a legion, for now I'm playing only with people speaking my language, but knowing myself, I will find an international PvP legion soon enough.

      If still any Spatabros playing this game, and you know me from the old times, feel free to add me as a friend, no matter if you was my friend or my "enemy". :slove:

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    • I'm glad to see there are still a lot of asmodians active there. Once I was an asmodian too, but I sold my account. Only thing left for me is my account on elyos side from 3.9, so I decided to pick up Aion on ely side. But maybe in the future, when enchanting will be easier, I will make an asmodian account too.
    • Suppp Koñoraro/Shankz! Welcome back, we were guildies years ago, back in Descendants of Dragon era :D
      Playing now as an asmodian in Hellion, after dropping the game for 4/5 years.
      Best wishes and hope to see ya in arenas, dreads etc! o/

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    • Fireyz wrote:

      Suppp Koñoraro/Shankz! Welcome back, we were guildies years ago, back in Descendants of Dragon era :D
      Playing now as an asmodian in Hellion, after dropping the game for 4/5 years.
      Best wishes and hope to see ya in arenas, dreads etc! o/

      DoD times were the best times, in respect of that I named my SM alt Coñoraro a few days ago :D. I really miss those times. Yeah let's hope we meet again! :) What was your character names in the guild?
    • Not really. Soon after I sold my asmo account I left Aion, and went to play LoL. As I only had my elyos account left, I restarted it on their side. I'll keep looking around in Deyla, maybe I can find some people and ask them to write here.
    • Well bro i hope we can enjoy the game the same as before! I started a brand new gladiator that i must get used to it, never played it "seriously" just need to keep up the hard work! But nowadays I got less time to play, but we will face each other!!
    • Cheating? I had many duels against him when I was asmo, but he was totally legit in those fights. We had similar skill level, so we fought long, but eventually he got the upper hand because I lacked the gear.

      Why do you call him a cheater?


      Yes, pretty sure on that part. In older patches you need extreme rng, to even get your weapon, even more extreme rng to enchant it, which cost you loads of money, not just handed out free like now, and even if you had all your luck in the world, you still needed loads of AP to get your PvP combine. Much easier to progress now.