Better communication toward players

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    • Better communication toward players


      I spent a few days on the forums, I saw a lot of frustrations from players. The main frustration probably comes from not understanding what's going on, and they got angry and hopeless, because they feel left in the dark.

      Galeas - Information on main topics

      This thread is actually a good step forward to fixing this problem, however I think we would need also a sticky topic, on how your work is done (on a high level). For example you gather feedback from forums, you have an internal discussion, you need to get approvals, then move to NCSoft, etc.

      It can be also done for every issue. For example Kinah issue:

      - Collected info from community ✓
      - Got approval to flag this to NCSoft ✓
      - Flagged problem to NCSoft ✓
      - NCSoft approval gained - IN PROGRESS
      - NCSoft prepared patch - TBD
      - Internal testing done - TBD
      - Gameforge implements solution on next maintenance - TBD
      - Player feedback showing solution works - TBD

      If the community receive your works in this format, I would think it could lower the frustration among the people. You don't have to give out ETA-s. Also, the current list needs more issues to be listed, for example bugs.
    • Assuming that he is allowed to give such information, how long would it take to write it down in that format for each and every topic or complaint about the game?

      A big step has been made in the previous year towards a faster and clearer communication. I can't recall having the same amount of comments and news in the past as we do now. Besides, I wouldn't feel so positive about seeing less angry users around, given the fact that many of them just open new threads, repeating the same topics over and over again, as if they can't read anything else.

      Also, in the very thread you posted, you can see that Galeas has been updating it periodically - basically whenever he gets news.
    • My point was to provide a roadmap to show how much work was done and how much is left. Also I mentioned high level only; no internal information or any detail. I spent 5 minutes writing the above post, so I think that answered your question, it would take 5 minutes to write this structure for each problem. I also mentioned Galeas did a good job posting that thread. My thread is about improving this.
    • Sad I am gonna quite a Game I love because its provider in EU are indeed worst than ever & been accepting that since almost 9 years now.

      How foolish I am accepting that for so long.

      I wish this was totaly different but enought is enought. I have one advice for Gameforge :

      " Give back " No matter what in life when you succeed you gotta give back to your community.

      You guys make nice profite over an old MMO & still making your community struggle. You must give back to us & make us enjoy the game. You'll win even more but you guys will never understand. Karma hit back today or later believe me.
    • Kotoro wrote:

      make us enjoy the game
      This is what GF is just not really able to do. They are not able to make events which gives the players joy (except the few times i wrote below.). And this is because if they make an event nice and rewarding they will make less profit from shop, simple company attitude/logic. If they want, they could make more rewarding events, but I think they just simply dont want because of the reason I wrote before. And this of course makes the community angry and pissed several times especially with all the crap or p2w events we had and what is really not cool that they dont seem to improve about this topic. They should find better balance between making profit and give the players joy at them same time. The communication got much better though, so that's cool, but what @Seishi wrote could be the next improvement.

      The only times when an event was enjoyable and rewarding for me was the first alchemy event (which was an accident because it was bugged, but at least they didnt fix it until the end of the event afaik) and for me the PVP events were fun but we have them like 2 times/year? Which is really few. A PVP event around december would be nice imo. Also this fun in the new region event was fine, if the shugos werent bugged could be better.