Veteran Rewards Exchange Question

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    • Doombolt wrote:

      Btw, why does the veteran system has been updated if it will be superseded by platinerk?
      Have you said it previously by chance?
      Because the Platinerk system needs much more time than planned. That's why GF changed the rewards to make them more valuable until the new system is ready. The update was not planned at the beginning.

      ~ Sparx ~
    • Galeas wrote:

      Noctis wrote:

      @Galeas are VR done updating ?

      it seems like they are but u did say u will announce a full exchange list once they re done + theres still useless things there like mithril medals.
      I never said I would publish any list, you can check the items by yourself in the system :) I will ask and confirm if it is done now.
      @Galeas I still have 1 x [Motion Card] Signboard (30 days), but since you can't open private store, this is useless, can I assume the scripts are not finished? :)
    • Noraj wrote:

      Why didn't they reset the veteran reward once more then ?
      80% of the ppl that played 5.8 reallocated the reward because YOU TOLD us to and now we have nothing
      and we won't get anything since the system will be gone by january

      @Galeas looking how the information you provided, which was with good intention; but in the end it has backfired and caused a lot us to not be able to enjoy the new rewards.

      Could you please forward the suggestion to make a reset once the script has finished as a good will to the playerbase?