[Spatalos] Seeking out info and stories about players from old times

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    • Oi. I think i remember you Konoyaro!, I was a gladiator on asmo Spatalos back then.

      I played from beta till like 2.8. Played with people like Sjaak, Luxie, Odyne, Cez, Jinxy. Back then we used to be in a legion called Quality Control. Good times in Ingisson/Gelkmaros :atongue:

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    • I still have a very old footage from 2.x when i was very noob, and we followed delian in opne world pvp. I find that vid and upload it here.

      Nvm found it:

      Delian was one year younger then I'm now. :D

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    • It's funny how I literally recognize everyone but around signia release they were all gone, did the game really go downhill at that point?

      It took me more time to get fed up with it
    • Konoyaro wrote:

      I created this topic mainly to find each other from asmodian and elyos side. The rule is the following:

      [Condition 1] Started playing: Aion 3.x or before
      [Condition 2] Server: Spatalos

      If you are still playing, tell us what is your in-game name and what was back then, so returning players can identify you.
      If you want to tell us a story about someone who stopped playing, then mention the character or legion name, and what do you know about him / her.
      You can ask questions about people, so you can find out info here.

      Let me write example:

      I played mainly in 2.7 - 3.9, people know me as Shankz / Konoyaro and an Asmodian chanter. Now I'm playing as Konoyaro, elyos chanter.

      Another example for question:

      I knew a guy called Gje, was a famous chanter on elyos side. I heard various things about what happened to him, but I want to confirm it here. Do you know if he's still playing, on a different name or left Aion?

      Actually I'm curious about this example, so I would be glad if someone could answer.
      Hello There,
      Im StIill playing on nergal Elyos side, I quitted like in 5.0, then came back to play in 5.6 patch an play till now. I was never cheating lol, and I'm curious what post you are talking about, I remember you also and remember having some much fun Dueling with you.

      P.S Remeber? :D Screenshot_20181110-071639_Chrome.jpg
    • I'm back in the game after a long time, enjoying the casual gameplay on Nergal, i also meet Gje alot in open world and some other guys are back too, not as hardcore as we used to play, just some fun, good to see u again buddy