Enchant gear simulator

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    • Used Stones: Ancient x195 | Legend x30 | Ultimate x0 for 1x Ancient +15
      Used Stones: Ancient x3 | Legend x95 | Ultimate x0 for 1x Legendary +15
      and for the lols
      Used Stones: Ancient x2 | Legend x7 | Ultimate x16 for Ultimate +15

      To be honest, the ancient one seems pretty accurate from my personal experience lol
      Specially with my RNG for 1-5. I get it to +5 and usually always go back to +3, then maybe 6, then back to 2-3. +7-9 is extremely rare.
      I spent 300 enchants on my feather so far. It's +7 lol
      I wonder if those who are running around with full legendary +10 / some ultimate gear +10 already are hardcore p2winners, or RNG carried AF lol