But 99% of the community is not able to do Workshop

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    • Sophisticated wrote:

      easiest solution would be to revert back to 5.8 and forget this patch ever reached us. The level of p2w in these 2 versions is obvious. I have a friend that spent in the last few weeks around 2k luna resseting instances because theres nothing to do and its "fun" . sure its his or hers money but
      yep ... you're right ... in 5.8 there were so much things to do ...

      /sarcasm off
    • Those 5% of the players that are actually able to get to the final boss on Prometuns gotta thank you for the 4kk that they get weekly. The rest gotta be thankful also for the kisks and pixel boy candies that they get from those imba events once a month and the 2kk from mirash (enough for some broker fees) while you guys "have the topic on the table and its your priority" for some time hoping people will forget about it as you do with luna instances, giving us gold medals on sieges, making the ultimate transformation very "hard to get". Lets not forget about the magical Wheel of Destiny.

      Gotta thank you for not making me uncomfortable anymore when im trying to sell something on broker and my heart skipping a beat when im looking at the fee with the risk of not selling it. Thank you sincerly.
    • despite the all negative consequences by the Kinah Fix there are some positive - people who are still addicted to AIon went outside of towns and started farming instead of sitting in towns and spamming Server Wide LFG ... last days I had some very good OW PVPs ... met some new friends on the field ... :)
    • roflatgf wrote:

      Sorayami wrote:

      yes i forgot to mention that the 500k should be added to Nara and HT. Edited :)
      Yep, this is a very good idea and will close us somehow to the time before the "Fix" ... But i'm pretty sure it won't happen ... :(

      let me see, camps HT Narrakalli, GOK all can be done in 4 hours tops. What else do i have to do ? oh right log off till siege time. While i despised BMR atleast i had better chances at PVP unlike now getting 2shot by exchanged red gear. Open PVP ? what a joke. In 5.8 i could use my alts and have fun with them, now everything is untradable. No more crafting ventures, no p2w form contracts, no enchantment rates as horrible as today, more pve instances and not a 5 min run with piton, more old areas to farm old gear. The list is long.

      Take a look at lakrum cities and tell me it isnt true. I even somtimes leace myself afk there cuz theres nothing to do anymore.
    • xSaidou wrote:

      Alibi wrote:

      Galeas wrote:

      So far what I've seen as main suggestion is Holy Tower and Narakalli. Will report.
      Thank you.
      They didnt confirm it will be included in the upcoming "event", do not thank them yet xD.
      I am thanking him for doing his job which is listening to the community and reporting that. Actually implementing it or not is not really his decision so i can't thank him for that.
    • a little off topic here. my comments are being routinely censored while not actually breaking any forum rules and even if they did it still couldnt count as they are critisims and not direct insults to anyone or anything. This forum while not run by GF itself still uses its domain and as such are liable to any legal action. Thank god for democracy. Ill gather more evidence so let us see how long will it take our ghost to censor this comment.
    • It would nice, not much but still nice for those few weeks before we get a solid solution, hero trials etc.
      But like you see there is some resistance from Galeas.

      Like someone said above, there is not much to do in this game. Let us farm least some kinah for transformation contract on our alts in mirash and GoK.
    • Is it just me or this is the same solution that we get after the luna nurf - chance for APES drop in Nara, when just a few people were able to go there?

      Now I need 12.7 KK per week just to buy the transformation contract and this 0.5 KK per Mirash run - the most boring and useless instance will not help a lot.
      Prometun’s Workshop - with ancient gear - good luck with that!

      I am sure that within 3 or 6 months all 10 people that are still playing the game will eventually get a decent solution with the Hero Trails (I have to admit that the APES solution that HT provide was really good).

      Sadly all this is GameForge special trade mark:
      1. lets nurf something with no reason and make a huge mess
      2. lets put a solution on the cash shop
      3. lets provide a non-working garbage solution to show that we don't care at all
      4. ok 3 months have passed, we lost 50% of the player base, it is about time to provide a working solution
      Why we always have to go through this?
    • we get over 30 ancient items each week. (mirash, gok, ht, nara, prometheon (4 boss), makarna (no endboss))

      the average price of ancient items: 276.165 kinah

      276.165 * 30 = 8.284.950

      befor the nerf we got 400% more:

      8.284.950 * 4 = 33.139.800 kinah

      the difference is: 33.139.800 - 8.284.950 = 24.854.850 kinah

      99% of the player can't finish prometheon...

      so you gave us 2mio kinah (4x 500k mirash)

      2mio kinah is not even 10% of 25mio....