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    • Broker Trade

      Make Broker sellable items also tradable & account transfert able. 82
        Yes, we all need it. (69) 84%
        No, let bot buy all our items. (13) 16%
      Since 6.2 many players are confronted on the same issue, most item that is sellable on broker cannot be transfered on account by account bank system or cannot be tradable.

      There is no reason to make item that is sellable not tradable or not transferable by account bank.

      My suggestion is to set every item that are sellable by broker => Able for Trade / Able for Bank transfert Account.

      This will solve many issue of auto buying bot / the Broker issue.
      Since Broker/Trade is Goldpack feature there is no problem putting Broker sellable item into trade able mode.

      I don't think there a need for a poll vote but I will do it anyway.

      What do you think guys ? Gameforge should make trade able & account transfert able for sellable item by broker yes or not ?

      Also main issue is = Legendary PvP enchant stone sellable on broker, but impossible to transfert on account or trade it.
    • I may not be correct, because I just overheard this rumor from other players, but as far as I know Gameforge (Or NCSOFT) introduced this to tax the players with broker to avoid kinah inflation. If this is true, and this is the purpose, I think they will not consider this, as technically not solved in retail KOR Aion, to tax players using their inventory.
    • Ofc the fees are there to regulate the kinah, that was always like that. But normally you still had an option to put up a personal store to sell things, but that is gone now.

      I know other games where just using the account shared warehouse would just take a small fee every time you put an item in there. I would rather see that than to be forced to trade the items between characters via broker.
    • You didnt get it, I didn't ask to make kinah by trade, I ask to be able to transfert our items trough the account bank or trade.

      Imagine having some friend that want to give you a certain items by trade, he simply can't, he must put it on broker.

      An MMORPG is made by its community, & actually there is less & lesser features that allow us to be willing to play with our community.

      Aion has become a individual or a few groupe MMO. You play with 6 players & you stick with them. Sad. Can't even TRADE anymore 98% of items are untradable but sellable.

      This is making bot being over rich, they just farm mats & sell them because players can't trade between each other.
    • With the bundles problem is that ppl camp stupid broker and i lost by this already like 4 packs of enchantment stones just because i put them (not for 1kinah believe much much higher price) and bots or player just buy them and i rage ;/

      They suppose to make them avaible to transfer by account or just trade...
    • Now look, they don't need to make all items tradeable because that will promote p2w indirectly.
      People will buy kinah and items from other people with real money and whales will get fat instantly.

      But for veteran rewards problem, there are these solutions:
      - make them storable in the account warehouse, so we might move them from alts to main
      - for consumables, like enchantment stones, make a single pool, containing all the stones and chose to which character you want to assign them
    • terent wrote:

      id rather have them change tradeable stones into untreadable versions but reset it for my main. This way no abuse for people with 30 accounts and no way to lose it either :)
      this is the best sollution, but too late now for everything. With every step they make everything get even worse. All they touch gets broken.
      What happened now, new/returning poor players selling enchants to cover teleport cost, and old players from 5.8 with billions are buying cheap as trash enchants and making ultimate gears.
      This if increadable how unprofessional this guys are, seriously, they killed a new game and all will to play a game so fast.
    • The abuse can be easily overcomed by gamforge if they if they make one big pool of untradeable items, from which you chose to which character to allocate.
      This way if you want to allocate all the stones to your main, you can.
      And you eliminate the possibility of abusing the system with alts.