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    • Hi Community, I'm new to this forum! MarkDast in game, server Deyla, Gladiator and most important... I'm a returning player.

      I started playing Aion on 4.0 era, with a lot of breaks from the game. I totally missed the 5.x patches and now I'm back, with 6.0 update on the EU servers.

      I have a question for you: is this forum only NA Aion? If not, where can I submit all of my doubt about the new patch? The changes are so much that I'm very confused about this patch

      Hope you can help me! And sorry for my bad english, I'm italian c:
    • Come Play on Nergal! I'll help you catch up
      This forum is for EU Aion. You can find everything about 6.2 from general discussion forum and if it's not enough you can always google it. There are tons of news everywhere.