what about people scripting to steal others on broker ?

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  • auto click, refresh broker price to the lowest on enchant legendary pvp stone, all items under 150.000 kinah on that category are auto bought from your scripts.

    Not sure its ok to say it here but that how they done it, more than 200 legendary was stolen on nergal that way, what a shame. By players.
  • the problem is not about being stolen but the fact that one or many people can script in game without any actions from gameforge ... that s the same !
    On many mmos you script you receive ban in minutes or hours but with gameforge using scripts bot cheat etc they really don t give a damn about in game situation and about its community purposes...
  • Autoclicker is a program which is working independant of Aion ... It's all about scripting, and windows and buttons positioning on the screen ... coordinates ... What do you think that they will find in the logs ? Selling stuff for 1 Kinah is at your own risk. That's why I am not doing it.
  • Sorayami wrote:

    Hoow low has the ppl become to do such thing like this is the main question here.
    it's a human nature.
    It's not people fault. It's NCSoft and GameForge's fault. Limiting people of the game content makes people do such things. If there was enough enchantment stones of all types available in game there won't exists such scams. If you wasn't forced to play with 10 alts only to be able to develop one main character there won'y exists such scams ... And noone is talking for free stuff in game ... just available when you play the game with effort to achieve something. But not with some mindless "solutions" ... example - Kinah in Promet. Workshop ... while people can't make suitable equipment for mid-range instances ...
  • Here, although it sounds weird, I'm blaming Gameforge for people using autobuy scripts.
    Gameforge failed hard when they made those bags tradeable only via broker.
    This automatically forced people to try and bypass the system, because:
    - they need stones on their main
    - if they need to sell the bags for kinah, they still need the kinah on their main and not spread though all their alts, since kinah is not tradeable anymore.
    - in order to avoid absurd broker fees, they attempted to put the bags on broker and buy them with the main at a lower price
    When such "opportunities" arise, people are tempted to break the rules for profit... oldest story in human history.
    I'm not saying they're entitled to commit crimes but they can and they will.
    Nothing we can do to prevent people's tendencies.
    But in the end it's Gameforge's fault for ever implemented such an absurd system.
    For crying out loud, if you wanna give us something just give us something!
    When we paid for the goldpacks, we gave our money directly to you. It was a purchase.
    Now, for our continuous support, if you want to give us something, then allow us to get it.
  • Guys,

    You are crying if someone bought you item in broker???

    Items are non-tradeable, you are breaking rules if you want trade items by this way!!! Do you know how GF will fix this problem? They replace that items with jakunerk and you may start cry again. That items are from veteran rewards and it is for that character where you send it!!! Enjoy these bundles. Next reset will be with jakunerk items only to avoid trade on VR items.
  • There is no way to trade items in the game currently and using the broker to do so in-between your characters is a workaround that some people are using, so you use it at your own risks. The broker is a broker, it has never been a reliable way of trading items between your characters and it will never be. It is simply not designed for this and not meant to be used that way. It is a will from the developers side that items can't be traded between characters anymore. There is nothing we can do in that regard.