Some good mspeed for Cleric?

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    • Some good mspeed for Cleric?

      Hello all.

      I'd really like to know how to get some decent movement speed for my Cleric?
      As of now I'm having a really tough time trying to make a run-for-it from enemies. Even with my mounts I See many people who can easily catch up to me (without any mounts) and that just begs the question if I should just re-roll a song weaver ( I see that they have a skill that gives them 30% ms ). I'm almost done with collecting the Genesis Crystal gears (Courageous / Magic), yet I lack a lot of AP to upgrade my boots to purple at the very least. I wonder if I should spend some kinah and buy some boots with good ms. I also saw the stigma skill - could work, but there's a 1 minute (?) cooldown if I remember correctly.
      Transformation scrolls - I was told that's RNG and you have to spend a salary or two with the hopes of getting at least one yellow.
    • You get movement speed on legendary pvp boots and up, but if you don't have the materials (or enchantment luck) to upgrade in the near future you might want to invest in a crafted pair off broker for now. As for rerolling bard, well... If you enjoy playing it, why not?
      Stigmas are personal preference, but I'd say for open world I'd most definitely socket sprint. Even with the cd (can be reduced by enchanting the stigma btw) it's really useful.
      Yes, transformation contracts are rng and in 9/10 cases you get a white form. It's not worth it atm to invest in buying them from the shop, so just cross your fingers and pray you get a green one from the weekly scroll that you can buy off the gold sand shop (keep in mind transformation contracts and cubic is account wide, so if you have some alts you might want to consider buying contracts on them as well).
    • Would it be too much if I say that the materials would be a lot more easier to find than the AP needed to upgrade an item into a purple and afterwards Red?
      So far the AP are my biggest concern as I am only able to grind the Takki events. I've heard about an event on Sunday (Dredgion?) That gives a good amount of AP, but I am unable to play on the weekends, which just narrows my AP sources of income. Could you advise any other ways to obtain AP? I tend to PVP, but it's hard to farm someone who's pretty much on a noob level and you can have a match that does not last 2-3 seconds.
      As for the stigma - Noted, I'll give it a try. I saw a few at the broker that were quite cheap, so that would do some good in the meantime as well.
    • For pvp you should try do dredgion and runatorium every day. It's ~350k ap for a win and 150k for a loss, and both give some pvp enchantment stones. You have 3 entries and 3 entry times for dredgion, and one entry/one entry time for runatorium. You can see the opening times here