HELLION ELYOS COMMUNITY scamming legendary bundles from VR using SCRIPTS (or BOTS)

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  • HELLION ELYOS COMMUNITY scamming legendary bundles from VR using SCRIPTS (or BOTS)

    Hello, I'm sorry for being too late to inform something you might already know, but in case you still don't know, take a time to watch this video, which will be deleted when the case gets solved:

    Our current issue is that the legendary bundles from VR rewards are not tradable, so the only way to share them for your own use is through broker. That, however, is not possible due to the existence of such bot (script).

    You might think, "collecting legendary bundles for your own use to your main was not the real intention from Gameforge" but in that sense, it wasn't either on past paches where the serums or all powerfuls were untradable BUT you could see how all people were using them for their own benefit on their MAINS (that was possible because the gear was tradable at that time).

    All I can say is that, whether it was or not the intention from Gameforge, scripters are getting benefit by scamming people, and this needs to stop ASAP. In addition, our community currently CANNOT enchant their own gear because of that, so the gaming experience is negative.

    I really think Gameforge WANTS to make their players happy, and the best way to do so is by making the bundles of legendary enchantment PvP / PvE stones TRADABLE. Between players.

    Now let's vote:

    DO YOU AGREE? To make the bundles TRADABLE to avoid getting scammed?

    Personally, I think that's the best way to confront scripters. That would make players INSTANT HAPPY since it will work as a prevention to any more scams, WHILE Gameforge works on (if still needed) against these malice part of community, defending their game against them.
    I am saying that because I know it will take SOME TIME for Gameforge to deal with these Scammers, so in the meanwhile why not just make the bundles tradable? What do you think @Galeas?

    Thanks for your attention and let's stop that Virus! :love:

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  • Galeas wrote:

    There is no way to trade items in the game currently and using the broker to do so in-between your characters is a workaround that some people are using, so you use it at your own risks. The broker is a broker, it has never been a reliable way of trading items between your characters and it will never be. It is simply not designed for this and not meant to be used that way. It is a will from the developers side that items can't be traded between characters anymore. There is nothing we can do in that regard.


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