Stigma builds for PVP and stigma general information

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    • Stigma builds for PVP and stigma general information

      Hello, I am an assassin player that took a break because of 5.x, coming back I have a couple of quesitons about stigma builds.

      I used to like Dagger Oath and Shimmerbomb, but now that dagger oath has been nerfed i'm slightly doubting my choices.
      Right now I can go for the Shimmerbomb path with sensory boost, dagger oath and break away or the Fangdrop Stab path with Dash n slash, apply lethal venom and quickening doom.
      Any comments on which path is better for PvP and how to optimally use those skills? I also heard that in 6.5 they will be buffing dagger oath again but am still unsure of how good it will be and how good shimmerbomb actually is. I found it to be a superb skill but maybe it was my personal bias mostly and fangdrop stab might be better. Also, with the new stats system I'm not too sure if sensory boost is as mandatory as it was before, so some comment on that would be nice too.

      General help on what stigmas to choose for normal stigmas would also be appreciated, right now im running Oath of accuracy, shadowfall and shadow step.