Race Balance

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    • Race Balance

      Hello dear GF, and others..

      I wanted to know if you plan in any NEAR futur to merge some server with ANTRI to have a balanced population?
      since 6.2 update, asmo getting all the fort, all World boss and Heroic one..
      if elyos are able to get some dust its a chance...

      The PVE part is unbalanced due to the difference in population from both side
      PVP is even worst... the Buff during siege is useless since they are at LEAST 2x more than us.

      Please dont serve me the statistics with its 40/60% .
      maybe in number of character created but not in active players.

      if we add your f***** Bull*** of economy situation, "BUGS" and things that you can't even fix.. and your lovely "so called event" with a chance to get "a skin" 1/1000
      please help yourself and take care of your community.

      You only think your players as Cow that you can milk until the last drop
      Forcing bug giving P2Win solution, you really taking people for idiots..

      So i really wish you will make something about all the above pretty quick because i m sure you loosing a ton of players everyday
    • DaVv wrote:

      take care of your community.
      are you talking about gameforge if yes then LUUL

      taking care of the community is their least priority all they care about is the money they can milk and that's it

      taking care of the community or giving a sh*t about the community opinions is on the bottom of their agenda

      and oh yeah good luck waiting for that balance of races cuz it wont happen