Aion Shop and Ingame Arrnor

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    • Aion Shop and Ingame Arrnor

      A couple of suggestions I have are:

      1 - Aion Shop - Please add more content on here. The Aion North American store has retained all its items since before update where as we have lost almost everything. They have Veille's Armor sets, all the emotes which we can longer buy from vendor in sanctum, all the additional hair options which have now gone from the Aion Shop. Please bring back all the items.

      2 - Ingame Armor - Personally I love the Daeva's Honor armor you get from Signia campaign quests but as I was level 72 after update I cannot do the earlier campaign quests to get the full set of armor. Bring back vendors who can sell Armor like this, even as white/common armor that you can use as skins, NOT in the Gold Sand Shop (really don't like it). This can apply to all areas where we cannot do the quests or you want an additional set.