Drop rate nerfed

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    • Drop rate nerfed

      Can some one tell me why in the first 7 days from farm 10 mobs only 2 of them was empty and now from 10 same mobs 5-6 are empty why this nerf wtf and i am talking about the special 39th. mobs lvl 80. i am farming like evry day so i notice in the first 7 days that mobs in screenshot dropet 90% of times 3 material stones 1 ancient 1 legendary 1 ultimate and some other stuff now in 10 mobs 5 drop and 1 random pice of stone and 5 of them are emptyl lol this difrence, comon its was not enough the kinath the enchant % the minion contract drop from last stupid event nerf now the drop from mobs to. i wana know wtf u doing gameforge why all those nerf what do espect to gain?
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    • This is unbelievable!!! I killed today for over 20 minutes mobs in the same spot as usual and I got only 7 legendary malleability stones and 3 ultimates, and before the last "maintenance" for same time of grinding usually got around 20 or more legendary and around 10 ultimates. I can't believe how they nerfed everything on th EU servers without saying anything and acting like nothing is happening. Day after day, this game, has become harder and harder to play, and soon you'll make it impossible to play without deposing lots of real money. Such a good and beautiful game destroyed by greedy publisher team. Shame on you!
    • Hey nothing to say ,everything WORKS AS INTENDED we didn't touch bla bla .Btw them touching the drop rates it's been like that since ages,after every Wednesday they lower it bit by bit and then pretend they don't touch anything.
    • I noticed when farming first weeks the leaders, that nearly every leader dropped Manastone, now the manastones seem to drop like every 5th leader, sometimes even 10th.
    • We cannot trade money, we cannot trade dropped items, only can sell via broker, so it is a good idea for bots, kinah sellers etc. But do not forget players! We grind in our free times for crafting, making money etc. but now I see grinding gives nothing :(