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    • Bea wrote:

      Hi, 4.8 is here and some updates would be nice :) Now, i am bard, and im thinking of making pure pve weapon, already have pve+pvp fuse. What would be the best choice to fuse at the moment, considering I have hyperion set and i would like to have set effect, so hyperion would go first, what ia best to put under? I have all myth weapons that drop in instances atm except the SWB one.
      Also About pvp weapon, since i will lose rank after merge (3 star officer now, probably rank 1 after, says "unknown") I will need to make new pvp weapon. What is the best choice there as well? Thanks :thumbsup:

      If it says "unknown" means you're not ranked ---> Rank1 or below ^^

      For PvP I'd try to get Enhanced Dynatum Harp (atk speed) and merge it with rank1 harp (cast speed)

      As Shimun said, I'd put as merge of Hyperion either another Dynatum or Rentus HM harp as they both have attack speed and good MB
    • Ey, I log in daily again click, no worries, have to keep updated with the nexus gossip o/.

      Anyway, an update to this guide, meh. Maybe. Sometime. Orso.

      What Mika said is basicly right. For PVE you should focus on the full kata set is that will be the best magic boost in game for pve. Asside from the Makarna sets, but well, lets first start with kata :P. Kata weapon with either Dynatum or Rentus is indeed the best thing for now. Even if you dont drop the mythical dynatum/rentus, you might even wanna put a 5-slot eternal on it, aslong as it has attack speed. Attack speed will add more to your dmg in the long run, than for example 100 magic boost.

      Then for PVP you want a top weapon with attack speed. Again, here you wanna look at Mythical Rentus and Mythical Dynatum. Those you can fuse with rank1 cast speed and you have a top kek weapon. If you are 2* officer you might wanna consider Runadium weapon, since that is still the best weapon in game. (not sure about Antrishka shizzle, but for magic classes enhanced Runa is still better than makarna weapon). And then you can fuse it with a 2* ap weapon which is also with attackspeed.

      Basicly, its not that hard, just make sure you have a combination between attackspeed and castspeed weapons.

      On a sidenote: gameforge ruined my blind-godstone harp. It was Dynatum Mythical + Great General Fuse. (atk speed + cast speed), they restored it with Dynatym Mythical + 2* Officer. And yes, thats atkspeed+atkspeed. Really nice that was :P So I replaced the 2* fuse with a rank1 fuse. Did cost me though -.-
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    • you can try the most simple way:

      or another way, for example:

      any variation, but you see the main rules:
      first better to sleep enemy (to dont let him dispel first 2 debuffs before silence), then use any 2 debuffs that dont hit any dmg instantly (otherwise you wake enemy up respectively) and finish chain by silence debuff.
      p.s. if any new bard reads it, you must know this combo as first tip for pvp

      omg, this forum forbids using any image hosting, are you serious? why cant i use is it illegal service or?

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