Prometon Workshop - Need some advice

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    • Prometon Workshop - Need some advice

      Im running this instance with my legion and need your guys advice. We have good dps, the healing done is also not a problem, our HP is high enough but I am dying most of the time.

      Im gunner and our party setup is: Bard, Chanter, Cleric, Gladiator and Spiritmaster.

      My stats with luna buff:
      58k HP
      11k Matt
      11k Macc
      PVP Atk 2000
      PVP Def 1500
      Mdef 7300
      PDef 6900

      The problem is that im dying cause Im tanking everything, since Daeva skill is hitting really strong and when adds pop I drop really fast no matter how much heal I get. Whenever these melee adds make their cast (aoe) Im dying immediately (while also tanking boss)

      What can I do or my friends so I survive longer? We are using shields etc to mitigate incoming damage but those shields have cooldown, so I hope you know something we dont know
    • Shields should be use when the Boss + Gladiator Adds are using their AoE at the same time, and not instant at the beginning, where the adds spawn. Look at the Boss when he uses his AoE and you can use a Pot after that, if you have Drana from old patch, you will have 2 Pots to use. Try not to aggro the mage as a Gunner and let your Gladiator. Avoid the AoE from the ground if the Ice Explosion is at 60/60.

      If you still dont survive with Bard Chanter Cleric then oh well.
    • You have to stay 0m all of you, damage divide to all.
      If you're solo in other spot (3-5m from your group) = instantly dead on first AoE.

      Your Chanter/Bard should pop 1 shield after you kill the mage when the adds appear. (for more accurate, they need to check then the boss goes up with some animation and start to cast a big skill, can't remember the name)

      Rest is race dps.

      Good Luck