Pinned Ranger skills DMG formula.

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    • Ranger skills DMG formula.

      Hello fellow rangers.
      Maybe many of you have seen 45+ rangers not using our core buffs - BF, FS. And many of them doing same on 65 loosing tonns of dps.
      I googled a bit, and found precise damage formula, and decided to translate it.
      Hope this will end questions about how skill damage counts, and we will not see 65 ranger not using atleast FS.

      Taken and translated from(…09&viewfull=1#post8502709)

      Skill Damage = (SkillBase + (WhiteAttack*(STR/100)+SS)*ABuff+GreenAttack)*Mod*PvP*BBuff.

      This is full formula with all variables, in average the difference between experimental and theory damage - 0,49%.

      Skillbase - skill damage without bow and attack from fists;
      WhiteAttack - written in profile, counts from average dmg of bow+enchance+armsfusion;
      STR - strength, in flight add +10 (so white attack increase 10%);
      SS - soulshots;
      ABuff - Mau form, Devotion I, Bow of Blessing I, Speed of Wind I, Sharpen Arrows I, Bestial Fury I, movement forward bonus;
      GreenAttack - written in profile with green numbers, counts from summ of attack stone, equipment bonus, and white attack(without bonus from STR);
      Mod - damage multiplier for Stunning Shot and Rupture Arrow;
      PvP - damage from your pvp modifiers;
      BBuffs - Focused Shots I.

      PS Ranger crit modifier is 1.7

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