Anyone else noticed bug with sleeps?

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    • Anyone else noticed bug with sleeps?

      Anyone else had problems when opponent sleeps you that you remain in sleep form even when debuff wears off? (Sheep form or Penguin form that you can't get rid of the "apperance" once sleep is over).

      Earlier I had problems when a Bard slept me. Sleep debuff icon wears off but I still remain as a penguin. The issue was: I can't fight back. - "Fix" for it was jump off Aethertech and re-mount.

      Today happened again same issue, but sorcs with Baah (Sheep) sleep. Sorc made me a sheep, but after sleep debuff icon wears off: I still remain as a sheep. - Again I have to "Fix" it by jumping off AT and re-mounting.

      This is a very annoying bug, because you can't fight back when it happens. No skills can be used, neither potions.

      First time I saw the bug was when Alukina in minion event made you into a blob and once the debuff effect was worn off, you still remained as blob.

      Only difference while being blob was, that you could use skills during this effect. (The Blob removed all animations between skills too, so basically had perfect no-animation situation with that blob form).

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    • Enaris wrote:

      I was stuck in fear once, I could use skills. I think I was moving slower though, at least it felt like that. Getting feared from another sm a few minutes later solved the issue.
      Same happened with me but with the fear after remove shock, so i wasnt slower, using transformation again solved the issue.
    • Server side issue. Only other players seems to be visually bugged most of the time, and our client get their appearance and status info from the server.

      Looks like altering the appearance of the character after effect duration is off giving an error.
    • I did actually notice also that people run around with sleep effect, stun effect, fear effect or any other weird effects on them. The debuff is not on them, but the "Animation stays on a loop".

      Like this on the picture (player is not slept anymore, but the animation stays on a loop entire instance)
      • sleep2.png

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