Is there a way to transfer armor pieces as skins to another toon?

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    • Is there a way to transfer armor pieces as skins to another toon?

      Hey, I found some really cool looking armor (of those white pieces that drop on almost every mob), but for some stupid reason you can't store it in account warehouse??
      Is there a way to trade some of these pieces to another toon? Like some kind of armor that is still storable and I change the appearance of that?
      I tried looking around, but the armor npc's are gone, so I'm guessing they thought of that (really shitty move btw).
    • Kuroiz wrote:

      Had the same question few days ago but you just need to buy old armour pieces from broker and reskin it with the skin you want. If the skin you want says " can be only skinned once" then you are out of luck
      yeah, it does say that, but I thought that meant it gets destroyed on reskin, so by "out of luck" I'm guessing if I upgrade armor I won't be able to reskin again :/
    • Wolx wrote:

      Only way is you have to "farm" those skins on the character you want, hope that you drop them. If they are skins way lower level than your character's level then nothing you can do about it.
      Problem is that you level up so fast now that dropping a full set is actually being lucky, because in a few levels you're gonna drop something way different
    • Yeah it actually sucks, and even if you want some instances skins, bosses only have a chance to drop something, either way you'll be wasting a lot of time not leveling up, locking yourself on a level and waiting to drop stuff.

      As the game now is meant to rush for max level and reach end game, don't know why in lower level instances, the drop of anything is not guaranteed (Beshmundir or Tiamat for exemple), they should drop something everytime and multiple parts.