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      Hey folks,

      I´m playing AT since the beginning of 6.2 and I´ve a question regarding the armour.

      Normally the AT wears magic Chain Armor, the same as the Cleric. My thoughts were, might it be possible/better to wear Magic Leather Armour? Because AT is the only class ingame that can wear both, Chain and Leather Gear.

      The only disadvantages I figured out till now were a slightly lower HP.

      Are there other disadvantages?
    • Aethertechs can wear magic leather, because before they choose their class, (Engineer) they wear leather.

      Another reason behind the option of wearing magic leather I personally believe is that due to Clerics wearing the same gear as an Aethertech and that you need a Cleric in instances. An AT in your group is Optional, AT's must always share their class roll in armour drop instances with the Cleric

      No other class is forced to do this as they are optional. You can choose whether to be the only plate, physical leather, cloth. I am now seeing groups REFUSE to take any Aethertech so the clerics do not have to share their drops. Especially Prometun Instance. So it is an actual benefit of being able to roll on both, the other downside is you also have groups insisting you decide to roll on one set or the other before they will take u, even if a gunner isn't in the party.

      The difference between them is that Leather will offer slightly more magical defense..chain offers physical defense
    • Keymaker wrote:

      Aethertechs can wear magic leather, because before they choose their class, (Engineer) they wear leather.

      Wolx wrote:

      I don't think you wear other things than chain now, clerics can't wear cloth anymore so should be the same for any class. Each class can only wear it's "proper" type of armor.

      [NICK]Zahraya wrote:

      Ahum... before a Cleric chooses it's class it wears Leather aswell ;)

      Chain is the heaviest armor in game before lvl 10. So whoever can wear chain can wear the lighter ones too.
      After level 10 plate is the heaviest, so only glads and templars can wear ANY type of armor.
      chant AT and cler can wear anything but plate, gunners sins and rangers can wear leather and cloth, and mages only cloth. :)

      It's logical =] Or it used to be before patch 6.2
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