Special maintenance 31.10.2018

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    • Special maintenance 31.10.2018

      This Wednesday the 31.10 we will have a special maintenance to finally implement the features that were supposed to be implemented. The maintenance will start at 10:45 am.

      [Additional information]

      • Selling items to NPC: Selling items to NPCs will now give you three times as much as before. We raised the buy price value from 5% to 15%. The price stays the same when you use the inventory function.

      • Fixes:
      • MAD Lumps of Flesh & MAD Core now also spawn for characters of level 76-80 in Hell Pass.
      • Assassin Skill got fixed: [Daevanion] Swift Heavy Attack.

      • Glory Point reward for the Divine Fortress have now been modified and are now the same as in Lakrum Fortress.