Pinned Obtaining more Transformation contracts.

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    • Obtaining more Transformation contracts.

      We would like to address one of the main concerns within the community right now. As we said previously, we see it crucial to offer more transformation contracts in-game through several sources. We added some contracts as a loot in some instances and to the current event; but we know this is not enough.

      Our plans for the future are to keep on providing it through events but, first and foremost, to include contracts in upcoming features: Hero Trials and Platinerk. Unfortunately, those features are taking longer than anticipated to prepare and none of them is ready yet. Nonetheless, we would like to provide you with more contracts until then.

      Therefore, we decided that all accounts will get two free [Rune] Special Transformation Contract every week until the new Hero Trials are ready to be implemented. You will find you free contracts in the shop starting today.

      Galeas and The AION TEAM