Hello Aion!!

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    • Hello Aion!!

      Hello the forums!

      Brand new player here, quite literally installing the last files of the game, I have been a WoW player for the last 14 years and still enjoying it (though it would appear a substantial amount of people are not!) I'm really looking for a bit of advice on where to start as this is the first time I have ever played an mmo other than WoW and the prospect is quite daunting!

      Are there classes/professions that are more suited to newer players?
      As a PvE only player are there servers/realms dedicated to this?

      Apologies if I have missed a guide containing this information and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    • Welcome to the world of Open PvP ^^
      There is no PvE and PvP Servers only PvP, that's why we love Aion ^^

      There is something called Cross-Server like Party Finder etc. So basically you can enjoy doing Dungeons / Raids without moving from Cities, but atm it's broken xD and if you want to make some Open World Content like Daily / Weekly Quests you better look back ;)