PvE Armour - Garden or Daeva Protector's Ancient?

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    • PvE Armour - Garden or Daeva Protector's Ancient?

      Hey guys,
      I'm currently not sure which PvE gear I should use/enchant. I have most pieces of the Garden equipment but also the Daeva Protector's Ancient (DPA) equipment from the compensation/the starter box. The DPA stuff has usually better stats BUT it does not have Crit and it seems kinda pointless to me to be a chanter without good Crit. The Garden gear has Crit, and if not I can easy re-roll it afterall.
      What would you recommend - going with Garden too, ignoring the lower stats for HP etc., or keeping the DPA?
    • If its the Ancient's, then better go with Garden gear set, though it has a bit lower base stats, but stats like "Speed" or "Atk Speed" are higher on it.
      And just get your Garden Set to +5, and you can do Narakkalli and Holy Tower, with a bit of practice (try to get the Staff atleast to +10, for higher damage).

      If you want, you can even go for a mix of both "Ancient Garden" and "Daeva Protector's" Set.

      But if you want a much better Ancient grade gear, then you can invest on buying the "Steadfast Protector's" Set (using "Genesis Crystal"), which has same base stats as the "Daeva Protector's" Set, but better bonus stat options.

      "Steadfast Protector's" Set (along with "Ancient Black Abyss" which drops from "Makarna of Bitterness" and "Prometun's Workshop"), is the best Ancient grade gear in-game.