Any ETA on fixing cross server issues?

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    • Sita wrote:

      I am afraid you won't get a reply from the developer - which is NCsoft

      And you are not correct, NA doesnt have that feature either

      cross server NA.PNG
      First not NA the only publisher...but nice try
      Second we had it at the start.

      And you must understand if i come home from work, not would like waiting half an hour for a 10 min instance cuz some ppl dont have other thing just camping the garrison 18-22 after the school.
      Spawn a rift or something atleast weekend or rush hours.

      We dont see that you would like to do something in this situation. Always the boring we report it, we are waiting and week from week nothing changes. 6.125 or whatever this started at middle september now christmas and lot of bug dont dissapear.
      We need manualy open shugochest what need to be automaticly. Crafting impossible with nerfed dropprate 1 hour farming for 30 legendary while you need 3000+ just craft upgrade. And we cant give purple enchantment stone. I open 50 bag and got 3 what is a nothing with this enchantment rate. And we can talk about too from the kinahproblem, from brokerbots.

      And we dont talk about the nice event with glorious rewards , got 1 purple pve enchant from event.... useless halloween furnitures etc who the hell editing the reward lists???
      The cash shop is a luxory gambling shop. You have better chance to win in real lottery than to earn the reward from your rng box which is overpriced. I know your boss hitting your back with a whip for the larger rewenue . But its a video game man not a casino. If we wanna bet our money we will go in a lottery and take money on Champions League.


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