Drop Rates

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  • Hey Guys I know in recent posts @Galeas has been saying constantly and sometime in a fed up way that drop rates haven't been modified but I applied a little test from first week of patch to this week we are currently running.The reason I left such a huge gap is because always passively GF have modified even if they don't wanna admit.Now in first week I farmed with 3 characters for the blue quests that are providing genesys crystals.320 Mobs on each character really amazing drops craft wise/miniote and white items.Now this week on my main I farmed with 100%buff and other 3 without || RESULT : MAIN got much less items and my other 3 characters got move disappearing without loot really sad and ofc overall loot really bad.Can some1 with more farming time confirm this? Since also @Galeas stated that he plays the game himself can he justify this?Or even experiment.Looking forward to more results or even screenshots would be nice. :|
  • As a hardcore grinder/farmer I can say I am very sure that general drop rates from monsters are nerfed very hard. People don't understand these days because everyone use pumpkin event drop buff. But after that get ready to see posts like this that asks what happened to the drops.