Is templar Useless in 6.0 ?

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    • Is templar Useless in 6.0 ?

      Hello !

      I would like to know how it is possible to play templar in this patch and what statuses (phy atk / acc / crit ) should i be looking forward to be useful again in instances like Prometeum and Makarna .
      At the moment i have 12k phy atk , 10k acc and 1.2k crit strike (no buffs or pet) and in Prometeum i deal 1/3 of the top dps damage ( gladis/sorcs/gunners ) .
      I tried with weaving and not weaving but i don`t see any huge difference in my dps no matter what kind of skill combination i use . Generally i`m spamming that body smash every 3s and using all other skills while this one is on cd , if you have any other ideas/advices about it please do tell me .

      All my stigmas are already +9 and i`m using for pve Elimination strike - Divine Fury - Inquisitor`s blow - Holy Shield - Punishment - Prayer of Victory - Prayer of resilience - Empyrean Providence .

      If i`m just mad coz bad please do tell me what i`m doing wrong... but this patch feels like templars got hit by a nerf truck ...

      Thanks for your time and patience and i`m looking forward to reading advices about how i can improve .

      Best Regards ,
    • Your stats are quite low, especially the crit strike. With manastones and purple gear aim for 4k crit.
      Templar can do some pve dmg but its main role is support now, it shines in group pvp with grabs and defensive buffs. So don't worry, try to play your role in pve too with shields, bg, taunts
    • Well the problem is no one needs a support class in any kind of scenario for pve . At the moment any class can tank anything PvE wise , reason for which they don`t see the point in inviting a templar in the first place . Thankfully i can make my own party es and do instances but it`s still annoying that i`m so useless in pve and i feel carried .

      So , besides the fact that i need 4k crit , any other advices ?
    • Noctis wrote:

      I would say max gear temp is the strongest 1v1 class, thats what I picked up from KR 6.5 streams.

      as for pve, u need 12k accuracy min for makarna/prometun :l and temp will never be a top pve dps class anyway
      I don`t want to be top dps ... i just want to not be 3 times lower in dps than my party . Like our gladi deals 8 mil + , sorc 8 mil 4 and i deal like 3 .... .
      Also , i said 10k acc without any buffs or anything , if i go full buff + chanter vision stigma + luna buff i get close to 12k . I don`t dodge my skills very much but i don`t real damage either .
    • First of all, you ABSOLUTELY need 12k+ accuracy to deal any reliant form of damage in Prometun.

      Secondly, Templar DPS is increased dramatically in the 6.5 update.

      Thirdly, no, 1.2k crit is not low, I myself have just a bit over 1.2k crit as I sacrified crit for maximum magical accuracy, and as a support class with inherent low DPS compared to the classes who are usually rank 1 I'm only about 10% lower.

      Fourthly, you need more attack, you need waaaaayyyy more attack, try socketing your gear with attack +10 manastones, they DO help, the formula is changed and +10, +15 is a lot of additional attack, even if it doesn't seem like it.

      You won't deal good DPS at least until 6.5 obviously, this is the most balanced templar has been in years, a tank class (low damage, high survivability).
    • Actually, I might want to explain something here.
      The best setup is full crit, assuming you reach 4k.
      But since crit manastones atm are expensive and getting ultimate gear is a long process, for the moment you're better off with attack manastones and attack as optional stat on items.
      Attack = best short term solution.
      Crit = best high end long term result
    • In pve probably yes because most instances dont need a tank anymore, people rather take et or glad to dps/tank. In pvp however, if you have good gear temps are still strong but then if you have good gear every class is strong so I would say temps are 50/50. I personally rerolled back to templar after playing gunner for a long time, class isn't that op anymore but very good at group pvp !
    • Without getting into too much of the mathematics of your stats I say yYou are right to a certain extent. Templar is not necessarily the class of thriving on this patch. The open world pvp makes it quite challenging since ppl pretty much leech HP from the mobs around. In the arena with our arguably lowered* dps we are pretty much bound to lose every war of attrition. Extended pvp fused weapons are not like how they used to be, so that is another dent and out daevanion skills on this patch look to be a lot more useful in the golden arena which got removed. On 6.5 things change a bit but you as a player ought to too.

      I, for one, had an immense amount of fun and success (both pvp and pve wise) thru a rigid machiavellism on my templar over the past year and a half; though in this patch I was simply forced to change my class and my server to have a healthy initiation. So unless you wana sit out this patch farming and enduring the hardships of templar I say change your class to a more of a fun and entertaining one.
    • Thank you for your advices and opinions .
      After reading your comments i decided to stick to my templar and farm my way to 6.5 !
      I`ve rarely seen such helpful and flame free posts in a topic and i`m very grateful for your time and patience in debating this subject with me !

      Best wishes ,
    • Good luck with your game, as a very final conclusion I would like to point out that for Prometun 12k accuracy means almost reaching the cap.
      11k is already very good, but even lower (I would say 10,5k accuracy is the MINIMUM) with chanter buff + luna cheer will be acceptable.

      In Prometun, just like other instances, there are moments when burst occurs. For example during the adds spawn it is very much welcome to have a templar supporting the team. I strongly believe the role is still needed and fun to play.
    • from my own experience on prometum 13k = 0 misses, anything lower and you will have evades. But also from own expericen 12k is like evading around a 5%? not a big deal.
      Also I cannot provide references for makarna, as I reach 13k+ at the moment and I haven't seen misses so it could be 13k the max that is required.

      I don't remember my patk, I think is 12k with the defence skill on, so I have over 13k patk, 4k crit and 13k acc and dps wise on my prometum runs it goes like this: top dpsers are between 10 up to 15kk and I reach 7kk to 8kk so a bit more than half of the dps of the top dps or 2/3 of the rest of the dps.

      You won't be top dps, but you will pull your weight in dps and provide proper support, as the runs I do with templar in group are more smoth than without it.

      And on any group pvp, the role of a templar is not pure dps like before but you need to play the role of support + cc + dps all in once. BG for 3 members each minute, EP every 4+min, aoe pull 50sec, single pull 20sec, different stuns etc...
    • May I ask what changes expected for Templar in 6.5 since we are on the subject? all I saw from korean patch notes are more davenion skills, although they look amazing ( looking at bloodbath stun 3 times) but there is nothing I read that seems to have buffing templar damage, am I right?
    • As a templar your toughts are real dude. But however I dont think that templar must be a damage dealer in dungeons so just make your purple gears and spend your rest runs for making money for get/enchant pvp's, be sure pvp is more fun than pve with a templar :) You play wit your enemies like a ping-pong, just grab like there is no tomorrow :)
      Lifetime Daeva since 2009