Maintenance 21.11.2018

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    • Maintenance 21.11.2018

      This Wednesday, November 21st, we will perform our regular maintenance. Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CET.

      • [Event] Kinah Drop - stays active until further notice.
      • [Promo] The Shugo Game - will be deactivated.
      • [Event] The Moon Festival - will be activated (until 12.12.2018). More information can be found here.
      • [Event] Welcome, new Daeva! - will be activated (until 12.12.2018). More information can be found here.
      • [Event] Best Friends - will be activated (until 19.12.2018). More information can be found here.
      [Additional information]
      • Fixed: Slot Stone amount needed for opening a Mana Stone Slot showed 0 as the amount. Now the correct amount is shown.
      • Fixed: Siege buffs were not updated for 6.2.
      • Fixed: Aethertech Skill - Magic Veil.
      • Fixed: An issue with Promotion Banner in the Auction House.
      • Fixed: Hide Pet/Minion Function.
      • Various loca issues were fixed.
      • Added quests where you can exchange different Insignia for Luna:
        • Victory Insignia of Discipline
        • Victory Insignia of Cooperation
        • Victory Insignia of the Ashunatal Dredgion

    • The Luna dice game should not be active and we deactivated it. If you can still see it after we deactivated it, please make sure to update your client. If you spent and lost Luna in it, please be aware that we will refund the wrongly spent luna automatically with the next maintenance for all affected accounts.