The Moon Festival

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    • The Moon Festival

      Save the festivities and be rewarded with fantastic items!

      We are grateful for the feedback from the AION Community regarding the latest Moon Festival and we have adjusted the event accordingly: from now it will be easier to receive the event item [Jakunerk] Minced Meat. Enjoy!

      Save the Moon Festival from 21/11 to 12/12 and grab valuable items. You can look forward to rewards that include the Tetragon Hopper Box, the Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone, the Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone and the Pixel Weapons Chest!

      The Moon Festival is a traditional festival that sees the whole family come together. Lively discussions, fun games and lots of food are the order of the day during this celebration.

      But because of the war against Ereshkigal, this year lots of Daevas are running late with preparations for the festivities. As well as this, many sons can't return to their families because they're still bogged down in battles.

      So it's up to you to save the Moon Festival! One family needs a lot of help in particular to gather all the ingredients they need so they can make a Moon Cake Dish. Talk to the father and son first and receive a daily quest. Once you've done that, hand over the Moon Cake Dish to the mother and you'll be rewarded with [Jakunerk] Ring's Kindness.

      Don't know much about baking? Don't worry - we've put together the recipe here for a tasty Moon Cake Dish:
      • [Jakunerk] Steamed Rice
      • [Jakunerk] Red Beans
      • [Jakunerk] Grain
      • [Jakunerk] Minced Meat
      • [Jakunerk] Moon Cake Batter
      The Moon Cake Batter can be obtained when you log in daily (1x hourly, maximum 20 per day). You'll receive the other ingredients as a reward for completing quests and defeating boss opponents.