Your November Adventure OPEN TO EVERYONE

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  • Your November Adventure OPEN TO EVERYONE

    My first post has been deleted wiithout any message to me.... i think and hope just because i refear to RU server? Hope this. Anyway...

    "Exclusive to returners and newcomers: earn valuable equipment in our two autumn events which turn the cold and grey November into an exciting adventure."

    Why u open this new event just for new/returned players? With the phrase over here you mean that for the normal players (not new/returned) this month will remain cold and grey?
    You say that this is for newer in this patch just to let them reach the "veteral players"
    Seriously? I play since 6.0 started and both legendary weapon and wings are a dream for me.
    I think that give a leg weap / wings and few more leg enchantment stone could be a way to let people have fun again in this patch.
    Like me lot's of players are just stucked in a phase that is just under rng. I'm having the same weekly routine since WEEKS. I can't access any doungeon different from HT/NARA just because of the weapon.
    I'm scrolling with luna every weeks do try drop this in nara but nothing.... so i'm just ... doing nothing more that the base istances.

    I think that open this event, that seems the most usefull event since 6.0 start, should be opened to every player.
    You think that a full ultimate/legendary player could take any advantage with one more legendary weap or wings? Prob they just sell it. So you are giving kinah with an event.... nice.
    Few legendary enchantment stone can make a veteran grow up more than a newer and make the distance between them even bigger? Have you rly any game experience?

    Please, the event should start tomorrow. Consider to change it and open to everyone.

    Just consider this.

    (pls don't delete this post too, or just tell me why at least)