New shugo vending machine items

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    • This rng is old fashion casino. Anyhoo why the hell am i suppose to casino stats that i used to have ingame previoualy for the last seven years?. Other then labeling poor people from princes of UAE somebody tell me the purpoae of white transformation forms? I guess they need fuel for that private jet.
    • Can you introduce some new ways to farm vova coins ? because currently we can only get 1 contract and 1 kinnah box per week thanks to shugocopia. Ive been buying gold ignot every day from daily shugocopia and now I cant even buy that because i dont have any more coins left as im saving for the contract ;S
    • SneakyGerald wrote:

      [NICK]rahnxah wrote:

      :alol: :alol: :alol: :alol: holy sheets I got a gold transform from the machine! The popoku or whatever is called that thing with the atack + cast speed. Nice!

      ANEMSALOK wrote:

      Avoid posts that are considered: spamming, trolling, flaming, boycotting, “quitting the game”, “violating the Terms and Conditions” or in general upsetting the forum atmosphere.
      ;( ;( ;( ;(
      I have not violated any formun norm, I did a positive feedback evaluating my experience with the machine


      not sorry
    • Wolx wrote:

      I'm collecting all the Inquins, can't wait to have the red one today when I try a contract it's the one missing, gotta catch them all.
      I was SO excited a couple of weeks ago when I got the final (black) inquin to complete my collection
      ... Namaste Bishes...

      If you can fix it - don't worry about it.

      If you can't fix it - WHY worry about it?
    • Yumichan wrote:

      Wolx wrote:

      I'm collecting all the Inquins, can't wait to have the red one today when I try a contract it's the one missing, gotta catch them all.
      I was SO excited a couple of weeks ago when I got the final (black) inquin to complete my collection
      Missing just one normal to complete my collection, cannot wait for reset! My dreams gonna come true lol
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    • Layyumi wrote:

      how about a daevanion skill chest? my 48 narakali runs per week are not sufficient to satisfy my needs
      You should run Prometun's up until first room too, if you don't already. That's how i got a gold shugo this week that finally got me a daevanion skill on my cleric that wasn't the ancient one.

      Anyways this might be "asking too much", or if it was implemented it'd probably have a ridiculously high price. Then again, i already made the suggestion of adding vova coins to dungeons like we had before.
    • This vova coins or shugo gold or whatever GF wants to call them are not enough. And if @Galeas thinks he solved our needs for transformation contracts or kinah with the shugo machine he has not idea how wrong is he.

      So we get 30 coins per day. Galeas one shugo kinah pouch (1 300 000 kinah) costs 30 shugo coins /vova coins. One transformation contact costs 180 coins.
      One gold ingot per day costs 30 coins too (they are mainly for box with deavianion skills). So we can buy 3 kinah pouches per day. But we can afford only one because we do not get more coins. We can take 1 transformation contact per week if we do not spend the coins for 6 days. So per week we can get 1 transformation scroll + 1 kinah pouch or 7 kinah pouches (and there is not even enough for the gold ingot). In general we can buy 21 pouches with kinah and 1 transformation contract per week, but we do not have enough coins for this.
      @Galeas how did you solve the problem with kinah and transformation contracts exactly? I am not mathematician but I still can not find solution on the problem how can i buy 3 kinah pouches per day and 1 transformation scroll per week. Please explain me how this is possible.

      Before we was able to get 2 holy serums per week from shugo machine and now what we can do if we keep all our coins for 1 MONTH. 20 ancient pve or pvp enchantment stones or 1 legendary pvp or pve enchantment stone or 2 bags with level 80 manastones. :/ Did you make a mistake here? May be it was supposed to be 20 legendary pve or pvp stones or 1 ultimate pvp or pve stone per month? This sounds a little bit more realistic.

      Kinah/vendor fix:
      The NPC vendors are giving you 15% of the item buy value.---> good make it 50% more and may be it will be ok.
      We also have a Kinah drop event running that will stay until the Hero Trials are active. The event will be deactivated when the Hero Trials goes live.--> I hope the kinah per week are more then the kinah which we possible can get from the "drop event".
      We added Kinah pouches to the shugo bot that you can buy every day.---> cool if we could actually do that.

      So yeah, I think you did not fix the kinah issue.

      Transformations contracts/potions:
      -We added a first source for contracts in-game as a 1st step. You can now drop contracts in some dungeons.---> if the rates was bigger, it could be way better. Since this event started I saw contact drop 3-4 times only.
      -You can now buy 1 contract per week from the Shugobot.---> good if it was afortable, but it is not. So it does not count.
      -You are currently receiving 2 free contracts every week per account (will be removed when the Hero Trials are implemented)--->Will be good if the contacts are more then 2 per week. I just hope you will not put only 1 per week or this 2 won't be kill beritra or prigga.
      -We will keep on providing also contracts with events.---->I hope the events will not be crappy as the once provided till now, but honesty I am sure they will be.

      More enchantment stones for Christmas - I want see this. I do not believe it till i do not see it.

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