what is this aion shop?

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  • what is this aion shop?

    Why is the aion shop so empty?
    There's so many ways for Gameforge to earn some easy $$$
    I've seen multiple people complain about the current Aion shop and it's lack of items.

    Maybe if you would focus more on the cosmetic side (which is the only reason a large amount of people even play this sh1t), you wouldn't be getting such heavy population decreases and resolve to desperate RNG boxes.
    Galeas earlier stated that he's unable to put old skins in the shop due to the new patch and that he loves aion fashion himself but that's fairly ironic since skins aren't the only thing people are willing to buy.

    In 5.8 everyone walked around with this motion card that looks like you're having a seizure when you run, I guess it's to confuse your enemy or something, Dragon emote? eh. I just remember the price ~ 300+ aion coins. again, everyone was walking around with this meaning a lot of people bought it. EASY MONEY, no? :D
    Another example, The hair tickets. Long smooth hair? hello? this was all over the broker and pretty much everyone used those hairs. There's multiple suggestions in the Aion shop forum thread (I think 3 different people suggested it throughout the last 3 weeks) so considering there's nothing in the aion shop to begin with (except for a skin in an RNG BUNDLE REEEEEEEEEEEEEE) but through 3 weeks there's also 0 things suggested in the aion shop, it's quite hard to believe that you ''pass'' everything we suggested onto the person in charge (love u mookie ples come back for my skins)

    All joking and salty tears aside, I name these examples because I know for a fact that it's something they can add in the shop regardless of the patch, there's plenty of more examples such as skins that came out in 6.2 which will also, lure in a lot of $$ because nobody has seem them before. Fiery Ruffled set?? Elven Outfit + wings?? Alluring Ball Costume?? Pink Bunny Costume (Mount Acceleration)?? Star Outfit?? Time of the Raging Sea??

    This is all a small % of all the acceptable yet wanted things in the Aion shop.

    pardon my informality, im very salty and tired of being an ugly corpse.

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  • Im playing around 4 weeks and regret already using the shop buying gold pack x2, gearing up is way to much time consuming.. and as a new player to win a duel (not speaking about group attacks) is nearly imposible, most of the time if lucky i manage to deal 10% dmg to opponent..

    1 more month and think i gonna get bored from this game. 4x gok run a week i think is not enoque aswell weekly's 4x where you need to kill mobs for coins to exchange them for brave/courage set.. I finish instance and weekly's in 1 day and the rest 6 can not even log into aion waiting for reset :/
  • love how 3 forum admins visited my profile but noone of them forwarded this or really said anything publically to let the people know, hey, you wanna spend money? we got you ;)
    gonna go buy lots of league skins <3 aion has nothing to offer for me clearly. Or well, my bad, aion does.. gameforge doesn't.

    ban for promoting other games inc kappa

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  • Well mods have visited your profile because you couldn't get past choosing a username before breaking the community guidelines and your post is similar to what other people have said before and after you so it didn't exactly warrant a reply, especially since moderators aren't part of the game or shop team. If me telling you that I forwarded this topic will make you happy then you'll be pleased to hear that I did forward it together with shop 'wishes' from other board users.

    If you have more requests or comments about the shop please use the appropriate thread.

    NEW FORUM HERE: forum.aion.gameforge.com/